The Key to Staying Independent as You Age

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Staying independent is a common theme among seniors. However, the definition of “staying independent” can vary from person to person. For some seniors, it’s about freedom and the ability to choose how they spend their time. For others, it’s about dignity and being able to still take care of themselves. Whatever it means to your senior loved one, we’ve compiled three key ways for them to stay independent.

  1. Prioritize physical health. Being physically inactive or physically limited are leading causes of lost independence in seniors. Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet and exercising regularly are the best ways to prioritize physical health and help keep the body in great working condition. Working out regularly allows muscles and joints to move more freely and stimulates the cardiac system. Exercise can also be used to improve overall balance, prevent falls, and build strength – all of which have great health benefits for older adults.
  2. Adapt to the times. We live in a world where technology is immediately available at our fingertips, so why shouldn’t your senior loved ones use it to their advantage? There are many ways that technology can help seniors stay independent. One example is for mom or dad to manage their medications through apps and alarm reminders. Technology on their phone can also help them stay connected to family and friends, which in turn helps improve their emotional health. Not to mention, new technology offers many tools to keep the mind sharp. Learning new things helps prevent cognitive decline and can help seniors stay independent by creating a well-rounded sense of self.
  3. Change your lifestyle. Taking a close look at your loved one’s current lifestyle and identifying what they can change to gain more freedom is another way for them to remain independent. If responsibilities like taking care of the garden or cleaning the house are keeping them from living the life they deserve, a lifestyle change may be just what the doctor ordered. Downsizing and moving to a senior living community would let them live in an environment where assistance is available when needed, giving them the time and opportunity to focus on the activities, hobbies, and other areas where they really want to devote their time and energy.

Independent seniors in Camden County NJ

At our assisted living community in Collingswood, seniors are free to choose the lifestyle that makes the most sense for them. We have many activities and events scheduled throughout each month that all residents are welcome to join. Activities include group meditation, dance classes, movie nights, and much more. Not to mention, our trusty associates are on-site and available 24/7 to assist if necessary and ensure the safety of all activities.

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