Respite for Seniors: It’s Almost Spring Break!

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It’s that time of year, the winter chill is fading and spring is creeping up fast! More importantly, if you have kids in school – spring break is just around the corner. If you’re wanting to get away for the week with your kids, but are worried about who will look after mom and dad – look no further. Our caregivers at UMC at Collingswood have a few thoughts about choosing a senior respite care experience during your next vacation.

Professional care you can count on

When you’re planning a vacation but you’re worried about who will care for mom or dad while you’re away, it is common to go with a professional caregiver. It will ease your mind knowing that someone who is experienced and well trained is looking after your loved one. Sometimes you can have a trained CHHA come to their home, but if their needs are more complex, a temporary stay in a senior community like UMC at Collingswood offers much more care, socialization, and security.

Family’s have peace of mind

Knowing your loved ones are safe and cared for allows you to really relax and enjoy your time away. It is crucial for your health that you take time to rest and recharge. If you’re going away with your children, it is equally important that they get that one-on-one time with you, away from your everyday life and responsibilities. This time away from home will allow you to come back energized and ready to resume your role as a caregiver.

Try out a senior community!

Let’s face it, mom or dad need their own vacation as much as you do. If they have mobility or medical issues, a stay at a senior community could actually be a great vacation experience for them!  In addition to being cared for, they can enjoy all the amenities Collingswood offers, including exercise, activities, movie nights, shared meals and dining experiences, trips to town, live entertainment, and more. We promise you that a few weeks with us will feel like a vacation!  A temporary stay at a senior community is also a great way to lay the groundwork for a conversation about a future permanent move. Your loved one will come to realize that an active senior community may be preferable to their current living situation, and your conversation with them will be much easier.

Respite care at UMC at Collingswood

If you are planning that spring break vacation and need care for mom or dad, please contact the respite care program at UMC at Collingswood. The respite care staff at Collingswood will make an individualized plan based on your loved one’s needs. Some of these needs can include housekeeping, washing and bathing, medication management, and of course, delicious meals are always provided

All of your questions and concerns will be answered and you can feel confident knowing that they are not only safe but that they are also having fun while you’re gone.

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