Let’s Get Physical in the New Year!

Physical therapy

Hands down, physical therapy is the best New Year’s resolution seniors could make for themselves. Older adults who regularly go to physical therapy move more easily, reduce pain from other health conditions, and, most importantly – retain their independence for longer. If you or a loved one is interested in physical therapy, our senior rehab specialists in Camden County have put together a list of the benefits and why it’s so important for older adults to take advantage in the New Year.

Improve balance and motion. Falling is usually the catalyst that leads to mobility loss in seniors. Most often, falls happen to older adults who do not have good balance, core strength, or quick reflexes. This means seniors should prioritize strengthening these areas through physical therapy to avoid trips to the emergency room, surgeries, and long recoveries. Physical therapy teaches seniors new ways to strengthen their bodies, improve their range of motion, and react more quickly to unexpected movements.

Quicker recovery from surgery or illness. Although resting is essential after a major surgery or illness, it will delay recovery without combining physical therapy. With the help of experienced physical therapists, seniors can heal much quicker and with better results than those who just try to rest it off.

Manage health conditions more easily. Chronic health conditions common in older adults, like arthritis, can benefit from physical therapy. For those who may not be familiar, seniors who suffer from arthritis often have recurring joint pain, making it more difficult sometimes to complete daily tasks. However, seniors who go to physical therapy can strengthen their joints and relieve some of the pain that comes with arthritis. PT can also help manage symptoms of other health conditions, including osteoporosis, diabetes, stroke recovery, and multiple sclerosis.

Improve exercise routine. Exercise is an excellent New Year’s resolution for anyone, especially older adults. It is one of the best ways seniors can retain independence, strength, and mobility if they exercise correctly. Trying out a new exercise routine could result in unsafe over-straining and injuries. That’s why a trained physical therapist should oversee a new fitness regimen to ensure safety and efficiency.

Physical therapy at our senior community in Camden County

At UMC at Collingswood, our short-term rehab program includes physical therapy administered by experienced professionals who specialize in working with seniors. Our physical therapists take the time to get to know each new patient to ensure their comfort level. Then, they focus on developing a recovery program unique to that person made up of physical therapy exercises, medical treatments, and dietary requirements to follow. PT is not all business either – our physical therapists even take into consideration the types of activities each patient can get involved in around our senior living community and do their best to make exercise enjoyable.

For more information about physical therapy services for seniors in Camden County, please contact us today or visit our website at: https://umcommunities.org/collingswood/

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