4 Ways to Spread Kindness to Seniors in Assisted Living

Spread Kindness to Seniors in Assisted Living

The last week of August is Be Kind to Humankind Week, and in today’s fast-paced world, acts of kindness hold immeasurable value. Morgan Freeman had it right when he said, “How do we change the world? One random act of kindness at a time.” While there are many different ways to commemorate this week, we will focus on how to put a smile on a senior’s face in assisted living. Here at UMC at Collingswood, we recognize how important spreading kindness is to our residents and welcome those willing to volunteer at our community with open arms.

#1. Engage in Meaningful Conversations

A genuine conversation can change the trajectory of someone’s whole day. Ask the seniors in your life (or at our senior community in Camden County) about their proudest moment, an interesting life story, or what their favorite hobby is to engage in a meaningful discussion. Show them that you are actively listening by asking follow-up questions. Sharing their wisdom, experiences, and memories, makes seniors feel more valued and connected to the world around them. These conversations, as simple as they may seem, create a sense of purpose and foster a deep sense of fulfillment for both our residents and volunteers.

#2. Enjoy Recreational Activities Together

UMC at Collingswood offers a variety of recreational activities to take part in. Whether it’s a game night, arts and crafts session, or a movie marathon, offer to accompany an older adult to an organized activity in their community. Engaging seniors in these activities not only provides entertainment, but also promotes social interaction and improves their mood!

#3. Share Skills and Talents

What’s your secret talent? Could you knit like nobody’s business? Share your expertise with the residents of UMC at Collingswood! You can speak to one of our activity coordinators on-site to hold a class or workshop on a subject you are passionate about. Some classes that our Collingswood seniors can’t get enough of are knitting, painting, and gardening. These activities empower seniors to learn new skills, stay mentally active, and discover hidden talents. Moreover, they bridge the gap between different generations, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie.

#4. Assist with Daily Tasks

Performing small acts of kindness through daily tasks can make all the difference for seniors in assisted living. Volunteers can offer assistance with tasks such as unloading groceries, writing letters, or accompanying residents on walks. Helping with technology, like setting up video calls with loved ones, is a much-appreciated gesture because it can combat feelings of isolation and sadness that are all too familiar with lonely seniors.

Volunteer for a Lively Senior Community in Camden County

United Methodist Communities at Collingswood is a place where kindness is at the core of everything we do. Any chance we have to spread kindness to the seniors in our care, we take it. We LOVE welcoming new faces to our community to help foster this mission. Take the opportunity to volunteer at UMC and see just how much joy and positivity you’ll bring to someone else’s life – as well as your own.

To learn more about volunteering for seniors in Camden County, please give us a call or visit our website at: https://umcommunities.org/collingswood/

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