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Independent Lifestyles with Support

Seniors get the support and security they need, while being able to live a free and independent life. We call this lifestyle, “Independent Living with Support.” This is an affordable lifestyle choice for seniors who need some assistance and socialization, but who are still very mobile, active and proud to retain their independence for as long as possible.

For many seniors, the transition from their home to a senior living community can be difficult. UMC communities makes this transition much easier by offering a complete spectrum of senior care services and hotel-like amenities. Our senior care services are based on each resident’s individual needs, which means residents get to live independently in a secure and welcoming community filled with experienced caregivers who can help with daily activities like cooking, cleaning, and dressing if needed.

Independent Lifestyles with Support are available at our 

Collingswood, Pitman and The Shores Locations.

Support Services for an Independent Life

At UMC, you or a loved one will be in a secure community with assistance from qualified professionals as necessary. Support services are scaled to meet each resident’s health and personal needs. If more frequent medical supervision, memory care, or rehabilitation is needed, we can provide more comprehensive care on-site, so residents can receive the support they need without changing their address.

Some of the services provided to enhance independence in our senior living
community are:

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At UMC we believe the resident knows best, which means you can choose the type of lifestyle you wish to live at our community – by receiving the support services that make sense for your situation and engaging in the extracurricular activities you prefer. Before moving in, our associates take the time to get to know you, your level of independence, and your unique interests so they can recommend a lifestyle and customized care plan best suited to you. More support is available to those with memory challenges, those who need high-level assisted living, and those who need “nursing home” level care in our specialty neighborhoods. There is no “one size fits all” approach to life in our community.


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