Why People Choose to Volunteer at Hospice

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It’s National Volunteer Week! There are so many critical organizations that simply wouldn’t be the same without the wonderful work of volunteers. And, our hospice in South Jersey is no exception. Here are five of the reasons why people choose to volunteer at a hospice, as well as some insights that may inspire you to join in this worthy cause.

Personal Experience

Many people choose to volunteer at a hospice because of their own personal experience with these services. They have seen first hand how hospice staff and volunteers came together to bring joy and comfort to a terminal loved one as well as support to their family, and would like to repay this with their own compassionate services.

The Good of Giving Back

Volunteering is one of the most rewarding things a person can do! Studies have shown that volunteering effectively decreases risks of depression, gives a sense of purpose, teaches valuable life skills, reduces stress, and helps people become part of a community. When someone volunteers, it’s as beneficial to them as the people or organization they’re helping.

Staying Active

Many volunteers are retirees who have a wealth of experience and skills to offer. The work they do allows them to keep using their skills for the benefit of others in a way that is suited to their own needs and lifestyle. It’s a great way to stay mentally and physically active, whether you are a retired nurse, accountant, teacher or business owner.

Wide Range Of Roles

A hospice is a complex facility with roles to suit everyone regardless of age, skillset or interest. Many people want to offer companionship to patients, while others find that fund-raising, organizing events, community outreach or assisting with the administration is where they fit in best. This way, anyone can find a role that they can make their own, to the benefit of the whole team and residents.

Develop Career Skills

On the other side of the coin, young volunteers get a great opportunity to explore a critical industry and develop the skills they need for a career in caregiving. The senior care industry is one of the fastest-growing in the USA, and by volunteering, young adults get a unique insight into what hospice is all about, the value of our services, and how to care for the terminal and elderly.

Our Hospice in South Jersey Needs You

Hospice can feel like an overwhelming place for residents and their loved ones. Volunteers play a critical role in helping patients and families feel at home, connected with their community, and in touch with the rest of the world. If you have a spirit of compassion, respect for all ways of life, and the ability to listen and be comfortable with others, then you may be ideally suited to this important role.

Our hospice, The Shores, is a part of the well-known United Methodist Communities non-profit organization in New Jersey, offering compassionate and professional hospice care in the Jersey Shore area called Bridges. In this program, we focus on creating a nurturing and comforting environment for patients and their loved ones through customized care programs and compassionate support. We greatly appreciate our volunteer teams and the value they bring to our residents, their loved ones, the environment of the hospice, and in helping us reach the goals set out in our vision.

To find out more about becoming a volunteer at our hospice in Cape May County, please visit our website at https://umcommunities.org/theshores/hospice-care-nj/ or contact us today and organize your visit.

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