Simple Exercises to Improve your Hand Dexterity

Exercises to Improve Hand Dexterity

If you feel like your hand coordination has declined, don’t fret, you can improve it. Or, if you are more concerned with preventative care, you’re in the right place. Just like anything else, to keep your hand and eye coordination sharp – you have to practice! Here are some simple exercises to incorporate into your daily routine.

Improve Your Dexterity

  1. Finger lifts – Place your palm on a flat surface and lift one finger at a time, repeat a few times for each finger. This exercise might sound ridiculously easy but you might be surprised that some of your fingers want to lift together rather than separately.
  2. Learn to Play an Instrument – Learning to play a guitar, piano, or violin is incredibly good for your hand muscles. You’ll be required to use finger positioning and strength in a way you normally don’t. Note: Learning an instrument is not an easy task so take this one slow and be kind to yourself!
  3. Write letters or journal – This may sound silly, but hand writing is a great hand and brain exercise, and a nice bonus is to send your loved ones a letter! If you choose to write often, keeping a journal is a great idea because you can write whatever you want with no pressure. Write about your day, a past memory, or whatever is on your mind. Once you write with your dominant hand, grab another piece of paper and try out your non-dominant hand. Now we don’t recommend sending any letters with your non-dominant hand, but it can be a fun way to get some hand exercise in.
  4. Knitting and Sewing – These are great ways to improve your dexterity as well as stimulate your mind. You can create fun and useful items, and if you get bored, you can always try crochet, needlepoint, or even macrame. These activities are great mentally and physically but also give you an opportunity to find a new hobby you might love!
  5. Clay or Putty – This activity can be as simple or involved as you want to make it. Remember playdough? Getting out a small container of playdough and molding it with your hands is a great exercise; you can even do it while you watch tv, and you don’t have to actually make anything! If you’re an artist at heart, you can get air dry clay that allows you to make small dishes, like a ring holder or small figurine. If you really want a new challenge, a beginner’s pottery class is a great option. Working with the clay is a great workout both physically and mentally, and is a creative hobby to enjoy with friends.

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