Never Too Old for A New Hobby

Never Too Old for A New Hobby

Living in a senior community like UMC at The Shores gives you back your time. You are no longer constrained by the constant upkeep of a house, lawn, or even preparing dinner each night. Your time is truly yours, and you’ve earned it. So, what do you do? We, for one, think this is a perfect opportunity for you to learn that hobby you have always wanted to do. Every hobby has beginners so there’s always a place for you to start. The plus side? Since you are already in a senior living community, you also have endless resources to take advantage of. Here’s how you can get started, from our assisted living team in Cape May County:

Picking Your New Hobby

Starting a new hobby can sometimes be intimidating, but you can start with something easy. Some hobbies take little to no skill level and are solely there to provide an enjoyable way to spend your free time. If you take up coloring or painting, for example, no previous knowledge is required. If you choose to take up knitting, on the other hand, while previous knowledge isn’t necessary, you will need to learn new techniques to knit different patterns. Either way, don’t be afraid to learn something new, as it is a great way to keep your mind sharp. Some other ideas for new hobbies can include joining a book club, learning an instrument, taking yoga classes, or dabbling in photography.

Just Start!

It’s normal for our minds to over-complicate things, but the key to learning something new is to just start doing it. It doesn’t need to be perfect – in fact, it will probably be the exact opposite! Despite your first attempts, you will find that beauty happens when you stick with it. When you commit to a new activity and really hold yourself accountable, you will be able to marvel at your progress and truly watch yourself excel. Sometimes it helps to just start small with five or ten minutes a day. If you give it a good try and your new hobby isn’t interesting to you, then switch to something new. It’s okay to quit if you aren’t enjoying it. It might take a few tries to find a hobby you really enjoy doing.

Benefits of Learning a New Skill

As we mentioned above, learning a new skill, however simple or complex it is, is a great way to strengthen your cognition and occupy your time. Continuing to learn new things gives your brain a much-needed challenge, as well as a goal to work towards for a sense of accomplishment. “Studies show that when seniors learn a new skill, such as playing an instrument, learning a new language or a new technology, it strengthens connection within the brain and it [can] keep dementia at bay. It is very beneficial to continue to challenge yourself to learn new things or to try new things.”[1]

Embracing Your Hobbies At UMC

Not only do you have more time for your favorite pastimes when living in a senior community like UMC at the Shores, but you also have the advantage of trying the many activities available on a monthly basis. Our community life directors are constantly updating the community calendar with different classes to suit the various interests of our residents. Some crowd favorites here at The Shores are book clubs, arts and crafts, board game nights, and chair yoga. If you are new to a class, don’t be nervous! Our compassionate associates are there to lean on for moral support, and many newer residents credit group activities with turning acquaintances into fast friends. Whatever hobby you decide on, there is one thing we can assure you: at UMC there will be like-minded people there to enjoy your new hobby with you!

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