How Can a Senior Living Community Help with Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis Care and Treatment

Many older adults face the complications of osteoporosis – a condition where our bones can become weak and brittle. The good news is they don’t have to face these complications alone. In fact, you might be surprised to learn that living in a senior living community can actually help with treating osteoporosis – here’s how:

Osteoporosis Care and Treatment

When living in a senior community, the caregivers can collaborate with your primary care doctors for osteoporosis treatment. Because your senior living caregivers see you on a regular basis and help with your daily needs, they clearly understand your limitations and difficulties you may face with this new diagnosis. Their observations can be expressed to your primary care doctor, so they can better assess your condition and treatment. Once a treatment plan has been put into place by your doctor, the caregivers in your senior living community can help you stick to that plan. Treatment plans can include therapy and medications, as well as daily reminders to take it easy with some tasks.

Healthy Living Choices

A senior living community provides everything you need in one convenient location. There is a variety of regular exercise classes available to seniors of all mobility types. Physical therapy is also offered regularly and tailored to your specific needs. In addition to staying physically active, nutrition also plays a large role in healthy senior living. At a community like UMC at The Shores, all of your meals are provided by a professionally trained culinary staff who prioritize balanced and healthy diets, without sacrificing delicious flavors! Making healthy living choices that are readily available to you in a senior community can retain your strength, which can only help along with osteoporosis care.

Emotional Support

You are surrounded by friends and caregivers who feel like family when you choose to reside at a senior living community. Having this support team behind you when dealing with osteoporosis can really help your morale and motivation. Knowing other people are going through something similar, or being able to rely on trained and compassionate caregivers, goes a long way in the management and treatment of this medical condition.

Healthy Senior Lifestyles at UMC at The Shores

Residing at a senior living community like UMC at The Shores can help you age in place, retain independence, and make the most of your retirement years. At our full-service community, you can count on around-the-clock medical support when needed and enjoy social connections with other residents through the many activities available on a daily basis.

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