What is Subacute Rehab?

Nurse making a house visit to a senior patient

Subacute rehabilitation is simply another term for short-term rehabilitation. This type of care is offered at skilled nursing facilities within hospitals, physical therapy centers, or even senior living communities. Short-term rehab is complete inpatient care for someone who is experiencing a medical condition that is temporary.

If you or your family member need more time to recover from a bad fall, stroke or surgery, short-term rehab is the best option to move forward. But staying at a hospital may not be the most ideal plan, as multiple overnight hospital stays can be very pricey. So, where should you go? 

United Methodist Communities at Pitman has a full-time rehabilitation staff and nursing team specializing in physical, occupational, speech, and respiratory therapy for our residents. This is a great opportunity for you or your loved one to experience rehab care in a safe, well-equipped, comfortable, and welcoming community before returning back home. 

Common reasons older adults choose short-term rehab at UMC:

  • Recovering from surgery that requires medical supervision and occupational therapy before returning home
  • Restoring and strengthening  mobility, often after a fall 
  • Recovering from a stroke or heart attack 
  • Diagnosed with diabetes, thyroid disease or another condition affecting dietary and medical needs
  • Partial or full speech paralysis due to Bell’s Palsy, stroke, or other conditions 
  • Treatment for  a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) such as chronic bronchitis or emphysema, which causes difficulty breathing

Common questions surrounding subacute rehab

  • How much will subacute rehabilitation cost? 

Fortunately, this type of care is typically paid for by Medicare. Medicare is a federal program that people pay into as they work over the years. However, financial coverage varies depending on the plan you’ve chosen to pay into. To get a better understanding of your coverage for sub-acute rehab, contact our community today. We’d be happy to talk it through with you or your senior family member. 

  • How long is a typical subacute rehab stay? 

The short answer is it varies. Some people will only stay for a few weeks, while others will stay for months. It is really dependent on the severity of the condition, overall health status of the resident, insurance coverage, and the resident’s ability to leave safely after rehab treatment is complete. 

  • How many hours are dedicated to therapy each day? 

Starting out, you may only be able to tolerate about 30 minutes a day, depending on your condition. As you adjust, the typical duration is about three hours of therapy per day. If at any time you  feel as if you should be getting more therapy each day, ask your rehab specialist if the therapy minutes can be increased.


Why choose UMC over a hospital for rehab care in New Jersey?

Older adults who select UMC at Pitman receive 24-hour comprehensive care and supervision, more than they would receive at a hospital. Rehabilitation represents the perfect intersection of healthcare, technology and human connection. Complemented by our environment and professional associates, we can successfully treat those with multiple and complex health conditions.

 Subacute rehab begins with a warm welcome and a thorough evaluation upon arrival. Our care team believes in establishing an immediate connection to ensure each resident is comfortable enough to ask for anything, whether it be further clarification on treatment or extra assistance with a daily task.

From there, our team develops customized care plans, which include establishing the types of therapy, medical treatments, and dietary requirements necessary. We even consider what type of social activities each resident can take part in – because who says rehabilitation has to be boring? (Please note, all UMC communities have COVID-19 measures in place to ensure safe socialization, while also preserving the health and safety of all residents.)

To learn more about comprehensive rehab care at Pitman, or at another one of our full-service senior communities across New Jersey, please contact United Methodist Communities today.

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