5 Fun Outdoor Workouts for Seniors

The air is getting warmer and the sun is shining! Which means it’s time for everyone, especially seniors, to get outside, get a good workout in and have some fun in the process. You may be wondering, why should seniors especially get outside to workout? Well, for one, seniors who stay active preserve their mobility for longer, have less dementia-related sleep problems and are just happier in general! Seniors who choose to exercise outside gain another benefit: healthy and direct exposure to Vitamin D. So, what’s the hold up? It’s time to engage in a fun, outdoor workout. Not sure where to start? Our assisted living team in Gloucester County has put together a list of their favorite exercise programs for seniors.

Safety note: Please apply sunscreen generously when spending extended periods of time outdoors. Also, please consult with your primary care physician or professional fitness trainer before performing any new strenuous exercises that might do more harm than good.

#1 – Walk outdoors. Perhaps the easiest option on this list is to take a daily walk outside. Did you know that a short 30-minute walk can burn up to 300 calories? That’s reason enough to set time aside everyday for a walk. Not to mention, it’s a great opportunity to have a friend tag along to catch up. If no one is around, grab a pair of headphones and listen to your favorite playlist on repeat. Or if you really want to switch it up, choose a new location to take your walk each day like a local park or a lively cul-de sac nearby.

#2 – Play a game outside with the grandkids. Nothing says “fun” like spending quality time with grandkids – and of course, games! Playing a quick game of catch will work out muscles you’ve forgotten about and stimulate hand-eye coordination. Now that’s a game nobody could lose.

#3 – Outdoor chair yoga. Bring a light, but stable chair outside and say “namaste” to a new, fun way to do yoga. If you or a loved one reside in an assisted living community, make sure to inquire about moving fitness classes like chair yoga outside when the weather is fine. Or if you’d rather do yoga alone, visit our blog to learn some new yoga poses to try out.

#4 – Gardening outside. Carrying the hose and moving around the garden to water each plant is a workout in itself. An added bonus: choosing to grow fresh fruits and vegetables will help you to eat healthier too! If your thumb is not quite “green,” visit our blog that outlines beginner gardening tips for seniors.

#5 – Bring your workout weights outside. Working out inside in the same room or home gym could get a little stale after a while. So, here’s a better solution: take your weights outside to do some strength training. It’s amazing what a change of scenery could do to improve your enjoyment while getting fit!

Exercising safely at UMC in Pitman, NJ

At United Methodist Communities at Pitman, we offer every assisted living resident opportunities to exercise safely. With industry-leading COVID-19 protocols in effect, there’s no reason why we can’t hold fun fitness classes with our senior residents!

Some of our favorite fitness classes include dance, traditional yoga and chair yoga. We understand that everyone has different exercise goals and that they need to find what routine works best for them. That’s why we make an active effort to offer multiple programs and support each resident’s fitness level to the fullest at our assisted living community.

For more information about senior exercise classes in Pitman, New Jersey, please contact UMC at Pitman today or visit our website at: https://umcommunities.org/pitman/

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