Gardening: Your New Favorite Pastime


It’s Garden Month – which means it’s the perfect time to take up this rewarding pastime. You may be wondering, why should you start this new hobby? For one, it’s gratifying to be able to see your progress with each plant. It’s almost like reaching a new level in your favorite video game.

Another major reason to garden is to promote a healthier lifestyle. You can grow delicious fruits, vegetables and herbs – all in the comfort of your own home! Seniors in particular can benefit from gardening because it reduces stress and the chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease. It can also be a great source for Vitamin D, as you’ll   get outside in the sun more frequently.

If you’re ready to take up gardening, but you’re not sure where to start – look no further! The assisted living team at UMC at Pitman has put together beginner gardening tips, which you can find below.

Beginner gardening tips for seniors

  1. Choose the right spot. “Location, location, location.” While the saying is known primarily in the real estate industry, it applies to gardening as well. It’s important to choose a location for your garden that is easy to access, has lots of natural sunlight and is close to a water source. If you are in assisted living, we recommend starting small with an easy-to-manage container garden in your apartment.
  2. Select plants that will thrive. This tip requires a little extra research that is well worth the time and effort. Choosing plants that match the growing conditions is essential to having a successful first garden. Luckily, many plants can be grown in smaller containers and pots, such as vegetables, berries, herbs, and flowers. Also, think about what plants may be the most useful to you. For instance, if you love to cook or add extra seasonings to your meal, look into growing herbs like basil or mint. These herbs can easily be grown indoors as long as they have ample sunlight and water.
  3. Apply tender, loving care (TLC). One of the best ways to care for your plants is to give them quality soil. Invest in soil that is nutrient rich and well drained for the best results. It’s equally important to keep up with watering your plants — that’s why we recommend keeping your garden somewhere that’s easy to access. If you’re not sure whether or not your garden needs watering, push your knuckle down into the soil to check if it’s dry. If the soil is dry — it’s time for water.

Activities and more at UMC in Pitman, NJ

At UMC at Pitman, we always encourage our assisted living residents to branch out and explore new hobbies. With proper health and safety guidelines in effect, there’s no reason why our residents can’t socialize and have fun with other residents!

Since the pandemic hit, we’ve held group activities such as meditation, fitness classes, movie nights and even virtual tours of zoos, museums and art galleries. Whatever your pastime, our goal is for every resident to feel completely supported and confident to live their life to the fullest at our assisted living community.

For more information about senior activities in Pitman, New Jersey, please contact United Methodist Communities today or visit our website at:

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