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Is it Safe to Move into Senior Retirement Communities in New Jersey?

Worried senior couple looking through window at home in quarantine

 The COVID-19 outbreak with its especially high risks for seniors understandably led many people to put a hold on their plans to move into assisted living or other types of senior living communities. Since then, senior living communities have been implementing and developing safety protocols and plans to ensure that seniors can access the care they require in their day-to-day life while staying safe from COVID-19.

So, is it time to make the move? Here’s some advice from the team at our Continuing Care Retirement Community in New Jersey.

COVID-19 and seniors – knowing the risks

Seniors, especially people requiring nursing care for serious underlying conditions like diabetes, kidney failure, immune disorders, and hypertension, are the most vulnerable group when it comes to the COVID-19 virus. The outbreaks in senior facilities were serious, not because of the facilities themselves, but because of their residents’ age. The reality is that regardlessof whether a senior is at home or in assisted living, they remain vulnerable to this virus.

Preparedness at senior living communities

Over the last months, senior living communities, hospice facilities, and assisted living communities have made dramatic adjustments to their safety protocols, policies, and plans to counter this virus, helping to decrease outbreaks. As COVID-19 cases start to rise again in different areas of the country, these measures scale to achieve one thing only – the prioritization of the safety, health and wellbeing of residents.

So, what is the answer?

In many ways, it is safer and better to move into a senior living community, depending on your needs. Here’s why:

  • Strict protocols – The safety and infection control protocols are longstanding, comprehensive and well-enforced, as we have the necessary resources and medical expertise onsite. This can be difficult, if not impossible to do at home, where PPE may be in short supply and the expertise isn’t there for seniors who need assistance and medical care.
  • Medical resources – If you are one of the many people who have chosen assisted living, skilled nursing, or other services because you or your loved one has a serious medical condition, then senior living is still your best option. We have the doctors, nurses and treatments available to manage these conditions as well as respond to medical emergencies in house, all without risking exposure to the virus.
  • Caregiver resources – Regardless of COVID-19, seniors who need assistance still require that assistance to manage their daily life. Staying at home can place a significant burden on family caregivers who may not have the expertise needed (nursing skills, Alzheimer’s, or dementia memory care training, etc.), or the resources to provide caregiving while they work and manage their own families. The reasons for choosing senior living remain, as do the benefits of these services.

There is no easy answer in these situations, and it is up to each family to weigh the risks and benefits. If you have any doubt or concerns, just pick up the phone and speak to the team at Bristol Glen. As experienced caregivers and frontline workers, we’re happy to talk openly and honestly about how we can assist you and your parent, and how we are working to make sure our community is as safe as possible from COVID-19.

We understand that this is a concerning and overwhelming time for families with loved ones who are at high-risk. We’re here to help in any way, contact us today!

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