Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care New Jersey

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care New Jersey

Comfort and Happiness Matter at Tapestries® Memory Care

Dementia isn’t a disease isolated to a person, it affects the whole family. Our Tapestries® Memory Care program focuses on comfort and happiness for our residents and their family. 

One Meaningful Outcome – Make Residents Happy

Families and loved ones share important life details, so associates have these preferences and histories at their fingertips for one meaningful outcome — to make residents happy. They gain purpose through daily life, based on their interests and abilities — focusing on their strengths and abilities.

If residents wish, they assist in doing their own laundry or help set the tables for meals. They benefit from the companionship of those with shared interests and from social connections. It’s all about wellness, not illness. The programming aspect developed to run like a home. This household model is designed to provide softer, social driven care rather than clinically focused care.

Residents may sleep until they are rested — and not made to go to bed unless tired. For example, a resident played drums in a band in his earlier years. He would often stay up until 2am and sleep to 11am, just as he did most of his life when he played in nightclubs. By honoring his natural patterns to continue, the resident felt safe and happy. The focus is on the person.

Happiness is How We Measure Success

Families are also provided much needed education and training in caring for those with dementia as well. For example, it may seem odd to a daughter that her mother is wearing the same pants every day. However, she comes to know we wash them every night so they are clean and available the next morning because that is what makes her mother happy. Happiness is how we measure success, not in wardrobe choices. It is most exciting when we see staff and families come together and get creative to make a person happy.

Residents benefit from safe apartment style living with 24/7 monitoring and engagement from trained associates. Our location in Ocean City, New Jersey, offers beach, boardwalk, theater, cultural and recreational attractions, and a vibrant downtown.

If you or a loved one can benefit from The Shores Tapestries® Memory Care, our counselors would love to hear your story, offer the best possible advice, and give you a personal tour. We believe in bringing Abundant Life to older adults of all faiths and cognitive abilities. There is joy in the caregiving journey for residents, staff and families. It is our job to find it and celebrate it. This is why we are special and different.

Comfort Matters® Accredited

With a passion for senior care, The Shores’ Tapestries® became Comfort Matters® accredited under the supervision of a national accrediting body. Jersey. Comfort Matters® principles resulted from nearly two decades of research on person-directed healthcare practices and on the latest science supporting people living with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and other neurocognitive disorders.

The Tapestries® team members know that comfort and person-directed care in a homelike environment benefits everyone.

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