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Why Short-Term Rehab at Pitman?

Why Short-Term Rehab at Pitman?

Many people don’t realize that short-term rehabilitation can take place in a reputable senior living community. We’ve come to find that until you’re the one searching for short-term rehab for your elderly parent who has just suffered from a bad fall, that’s when you figure out that this is a viable option. This type of rehabilitative care is offered within hospitals, physical therapy centers, and senior living communities that can provide skilled nursing, like UMC at Pitman. Even though this care is offered elsewhere, here’s why it’s more beneficial to receive short-term rehab at our senior living community in Gloucester County.

More Cost Effective

If your mom or dad needs more time to recover from a bad fall, stroke, or surgery, short-term rehab is the best option to move forward. However, staying at a hospital may not be the most ideal option, as multiple overnight hospital stays can be very pricey. So, where should they go? UMC at Pitman has a full-time rehabilitation team specializing in physical, occupational, speech, and respiratory therapy for our residents. Fortunately, this type of care offered in a community like ours is typically paid for by Medicare. Medicare is a federal program that people pay into as they work over the years. However, financial coverage varies depending on the plan your parents have chosen to pay into. With that said, we recommend giving us a call with your loved one present to get a better understanding of their coverage.

Designed to Regain Independence

The short-term rehab program at Pitman is not a quick fix. Our core philosophy is to empower all seniors’ independence so they have the opportunity to live abundantly in our community or at home with support! As we briefly touched on before, the initial hospital stay is short and if the mom chooses to stay longer – the bills pile up. And while the hospital may deem your senior parent “well” enough to leave, they may be leaving with a new issue. For example, mom’s initial bruising may have healed after her fall, but now she needs more help regaining and strengthening her mobility. That’s where short-term rehab comes in. When your mom enters short-term rehabilitation at Pitman, our team will thoroughly evaluate her needs and develop a personalized plan to help her regain mobility where possible – thus restoring a little bit of her independence. Every little bit counts and our physical and occupational therapists will do everything in their power to help short-term rehab residents restore what once was.

More Intensive Care

Our short-term rehabilitation wing is understandably smaller than a hospital, which means we don’t sacrifice care. Seniors who choose Pitman to receive 24-hour comprehensive care and supervision, more than they would receive at a hospital. As we mentioned above, rehab begins with a warm welcome and a thorough evaluation upon arrival. In conjunction with our core philosophy, our team believes in making an immediate connection with each new resident to ensure their comfort. Each member of the rehabilitation staff welcomes feedback and any questions as this is usually a new experience for the resident. Whether it be further clarification on the treatment or extra assistance with a daily task, our team wants to ensure your senior parent is comfortable enough to ask for anything.

More Room for Fun!

After the initial consultation, our team develops customized rehabilitative care plans. These plans include establishing the types of therapy, medical treatments, and dietary requirements necessary for your loved one’s recovery. Another major aspect that is often overlooked in other rehab settings is enjoyment. Who says this experience has to be boring or depressing? With their customized care plan, our team also considers the types of activities that would be safe for your loved one to take part in while at our senior living community. As long as it’s deemed safe, short-term residents enjoy the same access that full-time residents have to monthly activities and classes on site. Some of our residents’ favorite classes include Zumba, meditation, knitting, and crafting – just to name a few.

Common reasons seniors choose short-term rehab at UMC at Pitman:

  • Recovering from surgery that requires medical supervision and occupational therapy before returning home
  • Restoring and strengthening mobility, often after a fall
  • Recovering from a stroke or heart attack
  • Diagnosed with diabetes, thyroid disease, or another condition affecting dietary and medical needs
  • Partial or full speech paralysis due to Bell’s Palsy, stroke, or other conditions
  • Treatment for a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) such as chronic bronchitis or emphysema, which causes difficulty breathing

To find out whether or not your loved one is eligible for our short-term rehab care in Gloucester County, or if you have questions about any of our other senior living services, please contact United Methodist Communities at Pitman today or visit our website at:

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