Why Assistance Fosters Living Independently

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Many seniors feel that if they have to ask for help, they are no longer independent – but actually, the exact opposite is true! Accepting assistance with the necessities of life that become difficult as we get older is actually our best strategy for maintaining real independence. At UMC at Pitman, we live this philosophy with all our residents, every day. Here’s how we do it:

By ensuring the quality of care and safety on-site. Did you know that seniors who still live in their homes are more prone to both malnutrition and falling? Let’s unpack these risks one at a time, starting with falls. The standard home does not usually have fall prevention measures in places like grab bars, bathroom safety aids, and the rearrangement of furniture. Unfortunately, falling is usually the catalyst that causes a myriad of other health problems for seniors that contribute to their loss of independence. The same goes for nutrition. Seniors who may already have some mobility limitations or recently suffered from a fall, usually do not exercise as much as they should or prepare home-cooked meals that meet all of their nutritional needs. All too often, this results in malnutrition which in turn leads to a loss of independence.

That’s where we come in. Each senior living apartment at UMC at Pitman is designed with fall prevention in mind. Residents in higher levels of care are provided with a 24-hour alert pendant, and every assisted living studio apartment is equipped with an Amazon “Alexa” that has been programmed to call the front desk if a resident asks for help. Along with our top-of-the-line safety measures, our highly qualified caregivers, associates, and medical professionals are on-site 24/7 to assist residents with their meal plans – ensuring each meal is packed with essential vitamins and minerals. With security and immediate care readily available, seniors are safe to live the way they really want to.

By providing more options for activities, community connection, and socialization.  With health and safety taken care of, seniors at Pitman have more time and freedom to pursue their interests, both new and old. Living in a community with like-minded individuals makes it much easier to make new friends and stay connected. This is important because many seniors who live alone at home often feel isolated from the outside world. Luckily, when you live at Pitman, all your friends are living under the same roof! There are also plenty of opportunities to socialize and stay active with our monthly events calendar. Each month we offer fitness classes, live entertainment, movie nights, resident-driven clubs, and visits to thriving downtown Pitman. With qualified care, proper safety measures, and activities readily available, every resident can live an abundant, purposeful life, while remaining close to family and friends in the area.

Living independently at UMC in Pitman, NJ

Active senior living communities like Pitman eliminate daily burdens like cooking, cleaning, chores, and home maintenance, making room for more independent seniors. Residents at Pitman can also take advantage of long-lost interests they’ve put on hold like yoga, gardening, arts and crafts.

We understand how hard it could be to make new friends as we enter our senior years, but independent-style living communities like Pitman make it easy. As we already mentioned, our residents have the opportunity to engage in monthly activities on-site, where they can meet and befriend other members living in the community who enjoy the same hobbies.

For more information about seniors living independently in Gloucester County, please give us a call to schedule a tour or visit our website at: https://umcommunities.org/pitman/

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