What to Look for in an Independent Lifestyle Community

What to Look for in an Independent Lifestyle Community

Senior living has really come a long way. It has gone from begging and pleading mom and dad to even consider a community to independent seniors desiring this lifestyle and choosing where they want to be. With resort-like amenities, delicious dining options, and help available whenever you need it, who wouldn’t want to retire in a senior community like UMC at Pitman? However, there are certain qualities one must really keep in mind when searching for the right independent lifestyle community that will really make or break your overall experience.

Seniors should think about how each feature of the community will enhance their quality of life – physically, emotionally, and even spiritually. With this in mind, our senior care team will discuss what the non-negotiables are when it comes to independent lifestyle communities with support.

How is the Community Prioritizing Health & Wellness?

Physical exercise is essential to staying independent and minimizing health issues as you age, so it’s important that the independent lifestyle community in consideration has many exercise options available. Think about how you like to keep fit and then see what the community offers in relation to that. For example, if you enjoy dancing, see if they hold dance classes weekly, like Zumba. Or if you enjoy taking a daily walk, check out their grounds and ensure there are designated walking trails. It’s important to note that engaging in physical exercise on a regular basis may also require someone to keep you accountable, so see if they have a personal trainer onsite or a dedicated associate to remind you when physical activities are taking place each day.

What are their Opportunities for Entertainment & Socialization?

Will you be responsible for making your own fun or will you be entertained? Ask the senior community in question what their activity and events calendar look like each month, because even if you do not have to be entertained each day – it’s good to have the option. You never know what kind of mood you’re going to wake up in and if you’re feeling social – it’s important to have something fun to do with other residents!

Independent living communities should also be open to activity recommendations, as they will want each resident to feel like they are truly home. For example, if you love painting – see if you can talk to an advisor onsite about setting up an arts and crafts club. This will also be a great way to socialize and make new friends based on shared interests. As we grow older, it’s even more important for our mental health to connect with one another and maintain relationships. This is made even easier when you reside in a community with people who are looking for the same things you are in a friendship.

How do you feel the Community Mission Aligns with Yours?

A person’s faith is a very personal thing. Your faith represents who you are and what you truly believe in, and your home should be a reflection of that. An element that may be overlooked, but is essential to consider when choosing a community is their spirituality. Do their morals and values align with your own? Do they offer religious services, counseling, or clubs to take part in? These are core questions to ask an independent lifestyle community to ensure you truly feel at home – on every level.

Seniors living independently in Pitman, NJ

Active senior communities like Pitman eliminate daily burdens like cooking, cleaning, chores, and home maintenance, making room for more independent seniors. Residents at Pitman can also take advantage of long-lost interests they’ve put on hold like yoga, bible club, gardening, arts and crafts.

We understand how hard it could be to make new friends as we enter our senior years, but independent lifestyle communities like Pitman make it easy. Our residents have the opportunity to engage in monthly activities on-site, where they can meet and befriend other members living in the community who enjoy and want the same things out of life.

For more information about our independent lifestyle community with support in Gloucester County, please give us a call to schedule a tour or visit our website at: https://umcommunities.org/pitman/

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