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Tips to Make Spring Cleaning Easier for Seniors


It’s officially spring! You know what that means — time to do your annual spring cleaning. With the weather getting warmer, there’s this undeniable sense to refresh which is why so many people take this opportunity to deep clean their homes.

While you’ll undoubtedly start small with reorganizing clothes for the warm weather, cleaning your entire home head to toe can easily become overwhelming for anybody. With that said, our associates in Gloucester County have put together some essential tips to make the process easier, especially for older adults.

  • Make a spring cleaning checklist. We don’t know about you, but being able to mark items off of a checklist makes us feel extremely accomplished. Before jumping into cleaning, create a checklist of all the tasks you would like to accomplish for your home. Some examples include sanitizing high-touch surfaces, reorganizing closets, and vacuuming the floors.
    However, there are many other chores that can slip your mind if you don’t make a list. Tasks worth noting, especially for seniors, are installing grab bars in the bathrooms, replacing dead batteries in smoke detectors, and removing expired items from the medicine cabinet, pantry, and refrigerator.
  • Don’t be afraid to throw stuff away. One easy way to do this? Make “yes” or “no” piles only, no “maybe I’ll wear this in the summer,” or “maybe I can squeeze into this if I shed some unwanted weight.” Be realistic with yourself. A good rule of thumb, if you haven’t worn something in over six months, throw it out or give it away.
    It may be more difficult when it comes to parting with sentimental items you’ve accumulated over the years. However, it’s important to keep in mind that hoarding items you rarely use takes up unnecessary space, and has the potential to negatively impact your physical health by creating fall hazards.
  • Ask for help. Having someone there to help you clean will keep you motivated, and might even make the process more fun. Once your family member or friend arrives to help, the first thing they should do is look over your checklist. Another pair of eyes can always offer a different perspective and point out some things you may have initially missed, such as replacing the old hallway light that is dimming by the minute.
    An extra helping hand can also take care of the chores that can be tough for you to complete on your own, like dusting shelves that are hard to reach or moving around big pieces of furniture.

Consider a new senior living option in Gloucester County, NJ

If you’ve uncovered any issues in your home that make living conditions less safe, have one of your loved ones take care of it immediately. If they find the issue cannot be fixed easily, it may be time to consider a new living option. Relocating to a senior living community may seem overwhelming at first, but you’ll live in the safest, most well-kept environment available. Our assisted living community in Gloucester County is the perfect option for seniors who are ready to say bye to spring cleaning and hello to a relaxed senior lifestyle.

If you’d like to see if we’re the right assisted living option in Gloucester County, New Jersey, or would like more information about our services, please contact United Methodist Communities today:

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