The “Hidden” Advantages of Physical Therapy for Seniors

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Seniors, don’t wait for a dangerous fall to happen before unlocking the benefits of physical therapy! Older adults who regularly go to physical therapy move more easily, reduce pain from other health conditions, and most importantly – retain their independence for longer. If you or a loved one is interested in physical therapy, our rehab specialists in Gloucester County have put together a list of the “hidden” benefits and why it’s so important for seniors to take advantage of this healthcare practice now.

Gain better balance and a greater range of motion: Falls pose a serious health risk for seniors. Falls can result in trips to the emergency room, surgeries, and long recoveries. One of the best ways of preventing falls is to help strengthen and support your body through physical therapy so that you can improve your balance, move more confidently, and react more quickly.

Recover from illness or surgery more rapidly: After a hospital stay or an injury, it might seem like the best way to recover is to relax and take it easy in bed – but this approach only works if it is balanced with a proper physical therapy program. In fact, with the help of experienced therapists, patients heal significantly faster and with better results than with simple bed rest.

Manage the symptoms of health conditions: Arthritis is a health condition that affects many seniors, resulting in painful joints and difficulty managing daily tasks. With physical therapy, however, patients can help preserve the strength and use of their joints, as well as relieve some of the pain. Physical therapy can similarly assist other health conditions, including osteoporosis, diabetes, stroke recovery, and multiple sclerosis.

Improve fitness level: Exercise is one of the best ways to stay mobile, strong, and healthy, but a new fitness regimen needs to be carefully managed to prevent injuries or over-straining. A physical therapist can work with you to develop an exercise plan that addresses all health conditions or concerns to ensure your needs are properly managed.

Physical therapy at our senior community in Pitman, NJ

When you are looking for a physical therapist, it’s important to always speak to a certified, experienced professional who has worked with seniors before. Ask your doctor to recommend a specialist if you are uncertain, and always ensure that specialists are notified and aware of your health conditions and medical needs at all times.

At UMC at Pitman, our physical therapists, part of our short-term rehab program, believe in establishing connections to ensure each resident’s comfort level. From there, they develop individualized recovery programs made up of therapy, medical treatments, and dietary requirements to assist your loved one. Our physical therapists even take into account the social amenities each resident can take part in – to ensure your loved one is also enjoying their time at our active senior community.

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