Is Mom or Dad Refusing Help?

Senior parents refusing help

It can be tough for mom or dad to come to terms with needing help as they age, especially if they have been independent for most of their lives. However, if you feel it’s a matter of safety, then it is absolutely time to broach the subject of assistance with mom or dad. If you are currently in this predicament, fortunately, there are some ways to navigate the situation. Our team of trusted associates at our assisted living community in Gloucester County have put together some sound advice to follow when your senior parents are flat-out refusing help.

Find the balance between patience and persistence

Unfortunately, mom or dad’s acceptance of the situation will not happen overnight. If you are on the receiving end of outrage or sobbing, take a temporary step back. Patience is key. Give your loved one enough time to decompress, and then take a different approach. You have to keep at it if their safety is at risk. Remind them that it’s better to find assistance before a serious accident, like a fall, happens.

Find a way to relieve stress

As you’ve probably gathered, this process of talking mom or dad into assisted living requires patience (tons of it). If you are not accustomed to having a lot of patience, this process can quickly become stressful. That’s why finding a healthy outlet for stress relief is essential. Consider joining a senior caregiver support network, taking a weekly yoga class, or watching a new hit show on Netflix. Having an outlet to escape will keep your head clear and focused on what’s important – getting mom or dad the help they need.

Listen to their concerns about assisted living

Once your persistent patience has paid off, and your senior parent is more willing to discuss assisted living in a community like UMC at Pitman, make sure you really listen to their concerns. Even more important, make sure they feel heard and discuss solutions to ease those concerns where possible. If they’re scared of not fitting in, encourage them to tour the community with you! If they’re concerned about living life their own way, remind them that many independent lifestyle communities like UMC at Pitman do not put their residents on “one-size-fits-all” schedules. Mom or dad is still in the driver’s seat of their own life. They could participate as much or as little with the community, but we think they’ll want to be very involved after seeing all the fun that takes place at Pitman! With daily activity classes like arts and crafts, group movement classes like chair yoga, and special seasonal events featuring live entertainment, it’s almost impossible not to jump right in and form new bonds within our welcoming senior community.

Assisted living community for seniors in Gloucester County

At our assisted living community in Pitman, highly trained associates are available each day to care for our senior residents and make a positive impact in their lives. They will be there to ease any first-day jitters and encourage your loved one to get involved with community life at a level they feel comfortable with. After some time, we’re confident your loved one will find Pitman to feel just like home.

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