Communicative Tech for Seniors: Best Apps

Woman uses tablet for video chats because of coronavirus shutdown

As we’ve discovered during quarantine, being socially distant doesn’t have to mean being socially disconnected. If there is one good thing to come out of COVID-19, it’s this: seniors are now more tech-savvy than ever! There are many different communicative technologies available today that can be downloaded to our smartphones in a matter of seconds. With that in mind, our assisted living team serving West Deptford is going to talk about some great senior communication apps along with their best features. Note: all of the apps mentioned below can be downloaded through the App Store on an iPhone or Ipad. 


This communicative app is particularly useful because it helps seniors to connect with their young grandchildren not only through audio and video but also through fun activities. This free app, available for both smartphones and tablets, offers a wide selection of children’s books and other fun, interactive games that seniors can play with their beloved little ones. 


Arguably, the most popular communicative tech on the market today is Zoom. This video calling software rose to popularity during the pandemic as a way to connect with loved ones, friends, and coworkers when face-to-face interaction wasn’t an option. Even though quarantine is over and vaccines are now easily accessible, Zoom is still a relevant communication tool for seniors. It is especially useful for seniors to connect with family members who do not live close by. Some of Zoom’s best features are: 

  • Free download (for calls 40 minutes or less)
  • Supports video calls for two or more people 
  • Can easily enable camera on or off along with muting the microphone
  • Can change the background behind you to spice things up! 

Online Walkie Talkie Pro

Remember walkie-talkies? Well, now they’re back in a whole new way! The smartphone app, Online Walkie Talkie Pro, acts like a real walkie-talkie with high-quality voice and video capabilities. Users set to the same public channels can all talk to one another by holding down the PTT button. For example, seniors can ask their friends to set their app to channel 2, and then they will all be able to join a group chat that utilizes all the real sound effects of a walkie-talkie! 

Facebook Messenger

Facebook’s Messenger app is also free and available on all smart devices. Messenger allows seniors to send messages, pictures, and videos with anyone they’d like – as long as all users have an active Facebook account. This app also has the capability to set up video calls with a small group of people. 

Senior technology assistance at UMC at Pitman

At United Methodist Communities at Pitman, associates are available to help residents with communicative apps on their smart devices. Our associates have the patience, compassion, and knowledge to connect seniors to these new ways of technology in order to promote the most connected and fulfilling lifestyle.

For more information about technology usage at UMC at Pitman in Gloucester County, please contact us today or visit our website at:

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