Best Technologies to Monitor Senior Health

Elderly woman hand and detail of the smartwatch

Technology companies are constantly making new products like diagnostic chips, apps, and wearable devices to maintain health and detect issues early in seniors. While some of this technology is made specifically for seniors, others are made for the general population but offer more significant benefits for older adults. As one of New Jersey’s most advanced senior care organizations, we’re pretty familiar with what is out there in terms of technology that helps seniors, and we use much of it ourselves.

Here are a few high-tech devices available to the public for tracking senior health, from our senior care team in Gloucester County.

Digital pill dispensers and medication reminder apps. While the labeled day of the week plastic pillbox dispenser is ubiquitous in many senior homes, in 2021 there is a better way!  Pillboxie is an app that reminds users to take their medications on time to promote a healthier lifestyle. With this app, seniors can enter notes, such as time and dose took, as well as how they felt after taking each medication. App users can also schedule reminders to pop up on their smart device (even if the device is asleep) to ensure each medication is taken promptly. This information can be shared with the user’s primary caregiver in order to keep track of medical history more efficiently.

Better yet, seniors can look into a digital pill dispenser that comes with a medication reminder app, to unlock the best of both worlds! MedMinder looks like a regular 7-day pill dispenser but is programmed to unlock when it’s time for your senior loved one to take their medication. A caregiver can also monitor their activity remotely through the associated app. If your loved one forgets to take their pills, the dispenser will beep. And if the “beep” goes ignored, your loved one will receive a reminder from the pre-recorded voice of their choosing. Most users will choose their child or grandchild for the voice recording. If all else fails, both the user and caregiver will receive a phone call from the MedMinder team. How great is that?

Wearable emergency tech with GPS tracking. If your senior loved one lives alone, it’s important that they have extra safety precautions, like a medical alert button, in place. Luckily, many tech companies make wearable devices, such as pendants or wristbands that can send out an alert in the case of an emergency. One cost-friendly option is called LifeStation. LifeStation is a wearable device that is water-resistant and includes GPS tracking so the user can easily be found by family, friends, medical professionals, and even law enforcement if necessary. There is sometimes a monthly cost associated with this, and your elderly parent has to agree to wear it at all times, but if you consider the peace of mind this can bring, these are overall small accommodations.

Smartwatches that monitor health and senior fall risks. Two of the most common concerns for seniors: falls and heart issues. What if we told you there is a wearable smart device available that can monitor both? VitalTech is a waterproof and sweat-resistant smartwatch integrated with technology that monitors falls, reads the heart and respiratory rate, tracks physical activity, and monitors sleeping patterns. So, how does it work? If the smartwatch detects a fall, an alert will go out automatically to a call center and up to five family members through email or text. Family members and caregivers can track their loved one’s vitals via the associated mobile app, ensuring their health is the top priority at all times.

Senior technology assistance at UMC at Pitman

At United Methodist Communities at Pitman, associates are available to help residents with senior health apps on their smart devices. Our associates have the patience, compassion, and knowledge to connect seniors to these new ways of technology in order to promote the safest, health-conscious and fulfilling lifestyle.

For more information about technology usage at UMC at Pitman in Gloucester County, please contact us today or visit our website at:

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