4 Handmade Craft Ideas for Seniors

Happy granddaughter sculpting pastry from meal

It’s National Handmade Day – and what better way to celebrate than with your crafty senior loved one. Whether it’s baked goods, beauty products, or home decor, those who create handmade gifts do so with an artistic eye. And for anyone who has ever received a homemade gift, you know how special it is to receive a one-of-a-kind treasure from someone you love! If you’re looking for inspiration, here are 4 handmade craft ideas for you and your senior to take part in.

  1. Homemade heating pads. These can be great for aches and pains, but also make great handmade gifts that are simple to create. The materials can be found around your house unless of course, you want to buy something specifically for it.  You don’t need to be an expert sewer or even need a sewing machine; anyone can make these.
  2. 4  ingredient sugar cookies. This is for all of our seniors who love to bake! As you know, baking from scratch can be a lot of work and can also make a large mess. This recipe has only four ingredients so you get that homemade feeling without a drawn-out recipe or a big mess to clean up!
  3. Make some homemade play dough with the grandkids. Most of these ingredients are around the house. It only takes about fifteen minutes or less to make and, if stored properly, it will last about three months. This is a great activity for when the grandkids come to visit or even a stress reliever for you. Because really, who doesn’t love play dough?
  4. No sew fleece blanket This project does require going out to get the fabric unless you happen to have a few yards of fleece fabric on hand at home. We promise the finished product is so worth the trip, though! You can make this for yourself or to give it as gifts for holidays and birthdays.

When making something handmade, remember that it’s not always about the finished product but rather about the process of making it. If you’re trying something new, remember that it can take a few times before you get good at it, it’s all a part of the experience. Working with your hands is peaceful to the mind and allows you to get out of your head and into a creative flow. This is very important for seniors as it can reduce stress. Not to mention some of the things you make can be great gifts, or even a sweet treat to enjoy with others…and that is priceless.

Independent living at UMC Pitman

You are never short of opportunities to get creative at UMC Pitman! Caregivers are always willing to help when needed or you can always attend regularly scheduled arts and craft classes. This way not only do you get to get the creative juices flowing, but you can also do so with your friends! If you have any questions about UMC Pitman’s regularly scheduled classes please contact us today. Visit our website at https://umcommunities.org/pitman/

Art made by the residents at UMC Pitman
Art made by the residents at UMC Pitman

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