3 Cognitive Exercises to Delay Memory Loss

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“Minds are like parachutes, they only function when open.” Who knew such a profound message came from Thomas Dewar – yes, the distiller for Scotch whisky. Nevertheless, it’s a quote that everyone should live by, especially those experiencing memory loss.

Many studies have shown that when people keep their minds active, their thinking skills are less likely to decline. With that said, what are some ways to keep our minds active? Just like our bodies, exercise is the best way to take care of our minds as well. Our assisted living team in Pitman, NJ has put together a list of the best cognitive exercises to retain memory function. 

  1. Exercise #1: Puzzles. Besides being fun, puzzles are also a real mental workout! Did you know puzzles can exercise both the left and right side of the brain? The right side of the brain controls your creativity, while the left side is responsible for logic and analytical thinking. Puzzles are also a great way to improve problem-solving skills and short-term memory, as we have to remember the shapes and sizes of puzzle pieces, and then figure out where they fit in.
  2. Exercise #2: Play board games with family. Get your kids, grandkids or close friends together for a weekly game night. Mix it up by trying new games each week. The added bonus to activities like these? Social connections will also help stimulate brain activity. As we are still feeling the effects of COVID-19, it’s important to maintain social distancing and hygienic guidelines when getting together with loved ones. Perhaps, a Zoom game night might be the best call on this one.
  3. Exercise #3: Learning a new skill. Did you ever want to play the piano? Or how about learning how to speak Italian? Well, now is the time to do it! Learning a new skill increases myelin in the brain. Myelin is the white matter that helps improve our overall brain performance on a number of tasks. People who continue to learn new things are also less likely to develop dementia. This is because dementia is linked to demyelination which is the damage or loss of myelin in the brain.


Tapestries® Memory Care at United Methodist Communities in New Jersey 

Our Tapestries® Memory Care focuses on retaining the thinking abilities of each resident by creating customized care plans. We adapt to the natural routines of each person to make them feel comfortable and enrich their quality of life. 

Our associates have been extensively trained in Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, and keep themselves up to date with the latest research-based practices in memory care. UMC has been successfully welcoming new memory care residents during COVID-19. To read more information regarding our industry-leading guidelines in navigating the Coronavirus, click here

If your loved one suffers from early stages of dementia, please call our assisted living community in Gloucester County to find out how we can meet their needs, as well as yours. To learn more about our Tapestries® Memory Care across New Jersey, please contact United Methodist Communities today at: https://umcommunities.org/pitman/contact/


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