Top Questions to Ask an Independent Living Community Before Your Loved One Moves In

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Moving into an independent living community is a big commitment and it’s important for you and your senior loved one to feel confident, comfortable, and happy with the community selected. Is the independent living community located close to where your loved one lives currently? What type of social programs can they offer your mom or dad? And, most importantly, how do you know if the community is the right fit? Here are some helpful questions to ask when researching different independent living options that will help you find the right senior living community for your loved one, as well as the whole family.

#1 – What type of lifestyle do you offer senior residents?

There is such variety in today’s senior living communities, with many centered around different lifestyles. For example, there aren’t just seaside or countryside options, but communities based around different faiths or that are situated in the heart of bustling, city-like communities! Think about the kind of lifestyle that best suits your loved one’s personality, needs, and interests. This will help to discover places that will support their quality of life most efficiently.

#2 – How would you describe your senior residents?

Ask about the demographics of the community to get a good idea of how your senior loved one would fit in. What is the ratio of couples to single people? What age groups are in the community? Are there a lot of younger, more active seniors? This information helps you see how well your loved one will fit in, make friends, and enjoy the community on a social level.

#3 – How active is the community? And what activities are provided?

The last thing anyone wants is to join a senior living community and then feel bored! Activities, clubs, and events aren’t strictly for entertainment – they also help to build social bonds, improve physical and mental wellbeing, and keep seniors independent and healthy for longer. Talk to the community about what your loved one is interested in and see how the focus of that community meets these needs, whether it’s through outings, cultural events, on-site clubs, or daily physical activity programs.

#4 – Can we join you for a meal?

It might not be possible to have a meal when scouting out a senior living community, but it’s so important to get a good idea of how mealtimes work and what the food is like. Some senior living communities only have communal restaurants, while others have both a restaurant and the option of making your own meals in your apartment. These meals should be nutritious and delicious, and they should be able to accommodate any dietary requirements your loved one may have.

#5 – How is pricing structured?

When it comes to senior living services, you want to make sure your loved one is getting the support they need within your budget. Every community prices its services differently, so it’s very important to get an idea of what costs are involved from the get-go. Some communities offer their services at a flat rate whether your loved one makes use of them or not, while others offer services a la carte based on what your loved one requires. Most communities offer a combination of the two – for example, their apartment, housekeeping, and security expenses are at a flat monthly rate, and additional services like memory care, bathing or grooming assistance, and nursing care are charged additionally on an as-needed basis.

#6 – Can I look over the details of the contract?

You should never feel pressured to sign a contract before you have had a reasonable amount of time to look it over. These contracts can be quite complex and can be tailored to each organization’s specific business model, so it’s a good idea to have your lawyer or financial advisor look it over in detail, so you know exactly what you’re agreeing to.

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