Memory Care 101

Memory Care 101

When you first notice that mom or dad’s forgetfulness extends beyond the occasional ‘senior moment,’ it can be scary.  It’s normal to have many questions and to be unsure of what to do first. ‘How fast will this disorder progress? Do I need special help or can I take care of mom by myself?’ While everyone is different, and disorders like dementia and Alzheimer’s can proceed slowly, it is always better to arm yourself with knowledge and make a plan sooner rather than later.

Becoming a caregiver for a loved one with a memory disorder can be challenging and takes an enormous emotional and physical toll on everyone involved. While you may feel this responsibility rests on your shoulders, your job is really to make sure your loved one is getting the best care possible – even if it’s from someone else. A memory care neighborhood, like Tapestries at United Methodist Communities at Bristol Glen is specifically designed for seniors with memory issues. Keep reading below for a list of what sets our Tapestries Memory Care neighborhood apart..

  1. Compassionate and specialized care. Our residents have ‘round the clock support from specially trained members of the UMC team who ensure their needs are met and supported at all times. Our teammates are trained in the latest dementia treatments and practices. We call this group of dedicated employees Life Enrichment Team Specialists (LETS). LETS build a strong relationship with each resident, getting to know their medical needs, personal preferences, and also just who they are as a person. This allows us to more easily anticipate their wants and needs and provide the highest quality of care. Our Tapestries care model allows our residents to live a self-directed life, meaning we do not require them to stick to any type of universal schedule. LETS focus on each resident’s strengths and provides daily activities for them to engage in, both physically and mentally.
  2. Customized environment. UMC designed our Tapestries Memory Care neighborhoods to be “home-like” and comfortable. Each resident gets their own one-bedroom, dementia-safe apartment and has access to secured common areas (both indoors and outdoors) that allow for plenty of private time, as well as socialization.
  3. Family support. We know how mentally, emotionally, and physically taxing this process can be for everyone involved. That’s why, as part of our mission to help seniors live an abundant life, we also want to help their families. We do this by offering spiritual support, family resources, and virtual and in-person support groups. We believe one positive thought each morning can change the course of your whole day, and implementing this strategy every day takes work and perseverance. Our team can help you with this by reinforcing positive affirmations and validating your feelings and concerns about your loved one with dementia.

Tapestries Memory Care Neighborhood

Tapestries Memory Care at Bristol Glen offers more than your average memory care program. With a core mission to enhance abundant living for every senior, our hand-picked team and home-like environment work together to continuously provide exceptional care for people with dementia and their loved ones. We work hard to set the standard for what memory care should be.

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