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March is Women’s History Month! Let’s talk about 3 pioneering women in history

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This March, we’d like to spend some time exploring the extraordinary achievements of women throughout history. They’ve helped land Neil Armstrong on the moon, fought for freedom, and invented technologies we rely on today – often going unrecognized for their essential role in human history. Here’s a quick look into the lives of three pioneering women, with a brief description of who they are and what they’ve accomplished from our team of leading providers of independent senior living in NJ.

#1 – Coco Chanel

This revered French designer formed one of the most iconic fashion houses of our time. Ambitious, determined, and entertaining, Coco Chanel was an enigma that transformed fashion and made it accessible for everyday women. She invented so many of the classics we rely on today, from the little black dress, cashmere cardigans, and suits for women to making athletic casual wear chic. She’s hailed as a true liberator of women’s fashion, choosing to focus on helping all women feel comfortable, stylish, and appropriate in any setting. Chanel was the only fashion designer who featured on Time magazine’s list of 100 most influential people of the 20th century, ruling Paris’s fashion scene for almost 6 decades.

#2 – Elizabeth Garrett Anderson

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson is famous for becoming the first woman in Britain to qualify as a physician and surgeon. She achieved this remarkable accomplishment in 1865, after finding a loophole in the educational system, fighting for her place amongst disapproving male peers, and being rejected from all the most prestigious universities for being a woman. Anderson’s practice focussed on women, especially those lacking the resources to access private care. She later became the first woman in Britain to be appointed to a medical post when she became one of the visiting physicians to the East London Hospital for Children. Anderson was an active member of the suffrage movement fighting for women’s right to the vote, established the London School of Medicine for Women, and later became the first female mayor in England.

#3 – Amelia Earhart

The first woman aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean, Amelia Earhart was a woman with a will to break barriers and win! The American-born adventurer became a celebrity in the male-dominated world of aviation as the first woman passenger to cross the Atlantic by airplane. This wasn’t enough for Amelia, and she went on to break further records, including achieving the US Distinguished Flying Cross for her non-stop solo transatlantic feat. She also became a visiting faculty member for the aeronautical engineering team at Perdue University, a member of the National Women’s Party, a serving Red Cross nurse’s aide in WW1, and an early supporter of the Equal Rights Amendment. Amelia Earhart was inducted into the National Aviation Hall of Fame and the National Women’s Hall of Fame, with commemorative memorials to her achievements around the country. Just before her 40th birthday, she vanished while attempting to become the first woman to circumnavigate the world by airplane. No one knows what truly happened on that flight and she was tragically just 7,000 miles short of her goal, but her achievements remain exceptional to this day!

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