How a Memory Care Community Can Help Your Family

How a Memory Care Community Can Help Your Family

If you have a loved one who is struggling with Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, you may be trying to figure out the best way to help them. Handling all the caregiving responsibilities yourself, or with the help of a home health aide can easily become unmanageable as the disease progresses. You might feel like this responsibility is all yours to take on, but this isn’t something any one person, or even a few can manage alone. Tapestries Memory Care at UMC Bristol Glen is designed to benefit both residents and their families, and provide peace of mind to everyone involved. Our experts have listed three ways that a memory care community can help your family.

1. Access to resources and proper care. As dementia or Alzheimer’s disease progresses your loved one’s health can also start to decline. This can require specialized care and equipment. Trying to care for a loved one without this knowledge and experience can be very difficult.

When your loved one is living at a memory care community they have access to all the latest technology and memory care practices available. Aides are present 24/7 to intervene in emergencies and to socialize. Electronic anti-wander systems are in place to give residents freedom to move about without leaving the premises. Medication management, exercise and socialization are carefully provided on a regular basis, and are proven strategies for slowing the rate of cognitive decline.

For families, know that the caregivers assisting your loved ones are specifically trained to help seniors with memory impairments and actively work to build a relationship with them. At UMC Bristol Glen the care model allows memory care residents to engage in lifestyle habits that feel natural to them, thus “self-directing” their own lives. They do not have to adhere to what others prescribe or set timetables and schedules. This allows your loved one to receive the support they need and to let them remain as independent as possible, for as long as possible.

2. Memory Care Communities Ensure Safety. When caring for your loved ones yourself their safety can become a concern. If your loved one has entered the stage of wandering their chances of injury can drastically increase. This can be difficult to manage as it is impossible to have your eye on them 24 hours a day.

A memory care community is specifically designed with 24/7 security and monitoring systems that ensure safety. In UMC at Bristol Glen, technology can assist with loved ones who wander and staff is available to keep residents safe and engaged. They receive nutritionist supervised meals planned and prepared by real chefs and with a full staff working day and night, your loved ones will always have the care they need.

3. Reclaim your work and personal life. Caring for your loved one might be okay at first as it may only take a few hours a day, but this amount of time sneaks up on you quickly until it’s become the majority of your day. While the effort and time you’re putting in is very honorable it isn’t manageable for anyone long term. You may have noticed your work, personal relationships, and your own health starting to decline. If you have reached this point, it is time to look into getting help.

A memory care community can relieve the pressure that comes with being a full time caregiver. The weight you’re carrying will be lifted off your shoulders and you can have peace of mind that your loved one is safe and being cared for by specially trained professionals. In addition to the specialized care your loved one can enjoy socialization opportunities and activities when they wish. UMC at Bristol Glen has specially designed activities to aid and relax residents with declining memory.

UMC at Bristol Glen Memory Care

Understandably there is a lot to consider when selecting a memory care facility. At UMC Bristol Glen we are here to help you through this transition. Bristol Glen is one of the leading senior living communities in Sussex County. We offer a beautiful and welcoming space for seniors who need additional care and assistance to live a full and abundant life.

For more information on Bristol Glen’s memory care program, our services and how we support abundant and independent lifestyles for seniors, please contact us today or visit our website at

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