6 Tips for Healthy Aging

Tips for Healthy Aging

In honor of Healthy Aging Month, we have some valuable tips to keep you thriving as you continue on this journey we call life. At our independent living community in Sussex County, we believe in empowering seniors to age both gracefully and gratefully. You’ve heard the saying – like fine wine, we get better as we age! It’s never too late for a fresh start, so let us help you seamlessly transition into your retirement years.

  1. Don’t bother acting your age! We know you probably heard, “Act your age,” most of your life, but it is time to break that limiting mindset. Age is, in fact, just a number, and it shouldn’t hold you back from anything. Ask yourself what was your favorite year of your life so far. Picture it, feel it, and just embody it! If your favorite version of yourself was when you were 30 or 42, then go back to some of the things you used to do at that age. You are never “too old” to try something new or go back to an old hobby or favorite pastime. We know some people might say this is denial, but the power of positive thinking can truly change your life!
  2. Speaking of positive thinking, our next tip is to Be Positive! Being positive in your everyday thoughts and conversations can profoundly affect your mental health and overall well-being. For instance, instead of saying, “I am tired,” you can say, “I feel tired today.” Think about it like this; You may feel tired, but that’s not who you are; you don’t identify as tired… Make sense? Just that little difference, can go a long way. And forget about using the words “I can’t.” They shouldn’t even exist in your vocabulary! Try instead: “I’m learning!” or “I am working towards this!”
  3. Show off your pearly whites! You might be surprised to learn this, but people who make a conscious effort to smile more are often happier. Children smile around 400 times a day, while happy adults smile approximately 40-50 times a day. However, a typical adult only smiles around 20 times per day! You can start to change this by smiling every time you see yourself in the mirror, and making a point to smile at everyone you pass throughout the day. Besides smiling, your dental health is directly related to your overall well-being. Dental hygiene can affect cholesterol, amongst other health conditions, so be sure to regularly visit your dentist to make sure those pearly whites stay shining!
  4. Walk 10,000 steps a day. We’ve all heard that objects in motion stay in motion. That’s why it is crucial for seniors to actively move everyday. We know 10,000 steps sounds awfully high, but you would be surprised at how easy it is to get your steps in once you decide to do so. A few short walks a day add up quickly. Walking regularly has many benefits for your health and your mind. Walking can serve as quiet time for a mental break, or you can invite a friend to get more socialization in.
  5. Make healthy food choices. The foods you choose directly affect how you feel. We all know the feeling you get after overindulging – you feel bloated, tired, guilty, and maybe even a little sick. This isn’t how food is supposed to make us feel. When you choose healthy foods like, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, you’ll notice you don’t get this sickening feeling after you eat. With time you’ll feel lighter, happier, and more energized, while still feeling nourished and satisfied.
  6. Find your inner artist. Music or art lessons aren’t just for kids! Finding your creativity is a very powerful way to stay mentally young, as it empowers your inner child. With so many ways to be creative, there is an activity for everyone to participate in. Learning to play an instrument or signing up for an art class is a great option, but some other non-traditional ways to be creative can be wood or metalworking, pottery, gardening, knitting, baking… The options are endless!

Seniors Live Their Best Lives at UMC

At United Methodist Communities at Bristol Glen, our priority is ensuring seniors can live their most abundant life while meeting their needs in a safe space. We offer a variety of activities, presentations, and fitness classes to choose from. At Bristol Glen, there is always an opportunity to try something new right outside your door. On top of staying busy with activities, our amazing culinary team takes care of all your meals, so not only do you not have to worry about cooking – but you also don’t have to worry about eating healthy. Our chefs prepare fully balanced, tasty meals to accommodate any dietary restrictions or health concerns.

Visit our website to learn more about our abundant lifestyles at UMC at Bristol Glen: https://umcommunities.org/bristolglen/

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