5 Technology Benefits for Seniors

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Technology continues to lift a huge weight off today’s seniors and their loved ones. Being able to stay in touch is vital, as we know that social connections help ease isolation, depression, and loneliness. There are many ways that technology can help older adults live fulfilled lives and keep their bonds with family and friends strong. Today, our assisted living team in Sussex County will focus on the 5 best benefits of technology for seniors.

#1 – Supports essential social activity. Technology has made communication and socializing easier and more rewarding for seniors, letting families video call and chat with the simple click of a button. Devices like larger smartphones and tablets are especially senior-friendly, with simple, distinct buttons, an easy-to-follow design, and adjustable background lighting. Most operating systems and apps have become much more user-friendly and accessible, even reading out emails if you are visually impaired or allowing voice search capabilities.

If your loved one finds it a little difficult to use this tech, apps like Team Viewer and Dameware can allow you to remotely access their device and help make that connection for them.

#2 – Enhances senior health and safety. We regularly cover senior health risks on this blog – for good reason. From falls to medication errors and illness, health risks are a major concern for seniors and their families. Technology is helping to ease these fears, reduce risks, and even help improve response time if a medical emergency occurs.

Wearable tech can monitor heart rate, activity, sleep, location, and care patterns, while wireless systems can help secure the home, prevent wandering and allow your family to check that doors and windows aren’t accidentally left open or unlocked. You can check on your loved one at any time, from any place.

Many of these systems also allow seniors to contact emergency response and family members at the touch of a button if they need to call for help.

#3 – Makes life more fun! For most of us, technology adds plenty of fun to everyday life – and seniors are no exception! Today, there are many senior-friendly apps and games to enjoy on TV, tablets, and smartphones. From TV streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu to games like Words with Friends, Elevate Brain Training, Duolingo, and Audible, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Even advanced tech like virtual reality is a great option for seniors when used safely, and is currently being used in research to help open up new horizons for patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia conditions.

#4 – Helps make everyday life a little easier. Technology may be complicated, but learning to use it has never been simpler. With voice assistants like Siri and Google assistant, seniors can use smartphones and smart home devices to easily check the weather, tune in to their favorite music station, find a TV show, call a friend, or set reminders on their calendar. These tasks can all be done with simple voice commands. All you need is your device and an internet connection to order groceries online, chat to a friend, or even get medication reminders.

#5 – Keeps seniors physically and mentally active. No matter your interests, hobbies, or abilities, technology can enhance your life and help support the mental and physical health of your senior loved one. Audible can read books to you, Duolingo can teach you a new language, brain training apps can support cognitive function, and connected tech allows you to access senior health and fitness classes online with ease. Supporting mental and physical activity is one of the most effective and powerful ways of ensuring healthier senior years, and tech opens up an entire world of opportunities for seniors to do this. The winter months can be the perfect time to explore what’s available, as chilly temperatures and inclement weather often mean it’s not as easy to get out and see friends, participate in hobbies, or get enough physical activity.

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