Associate Benevolence Fund

Associate Benevolence Fund

United Methodist Communities runs a benevolence fund for associates to help each other during times of urgent and catastrophic need.

For example, an associate may apply to receive funds after destruction of their home, an extensive illness, death in the family, etc. Any associate can contribute to the fund, and all associates are eligible to apply for assistance from the fund after they’ve worked at least 500 hours.

How can I donate to the Associate Benevolence Fund?

There are a few ways you can contribute to the Associate Benevolence Fund. Cash, check, and one-time or recurring payroll deductions are accepted. Associates with PTO may also donate accrued hours to the Associate Benevolence Fund. Donated PTO is converted into cash based on the donor’s hourly rate of pay.

Is there a maximum amount I can donate to the Associate Benevolence Fund?

If donating PTO hours, yes. You may only donate up to 20 hours of PTO per year. PTO hours must be accrued; future hours can’t be donated.

How is Associate Benevolence Fund money distributed?

The Corporate Fund Coordinating Committee meets to evaluate applications and vote on approval. Assistance is based on need and limited to how much money is available in the fund.

I’d like to learn more about the Associate Benevolence Fund, where should I go?

For more information, you can read the Associate Benevolence Fund (HR-10) policy on myUMC. The application form and donation form can be found in the Forms section of myUMC, or by clicking below to download the following documents:

Associate Benevolence Fund Application Form
Associate Benevolence Fund Donation Form

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