How to Include Your Home Health Aid in Your Holiday Celebration

For many, a home-health aide truly does become like family over time. They spend countless hours with you, not only helping you with unmanageable tasks but also sharing in memories and laughs. With the holidays around the corner, it only feels right to include your home health aid in your holiday celebrations. If youre unsure how to include your home health aide, our experts at UMC HomeWorks have a few ideas for you. 

Deck the Halls Together 

While you might physically need your home health aids help to decorate, it is possible to decorate together in a way that includes them in the festivities rather than just having them assist. Ways to include them can be asking their opinion as to where some of the decorations should go, or even letting them have free range to decorate a few items. This could be decorating the tree, setting up a holiday display, or hanging some festive lights or wreaths. Whatever option you are willing to delegate to them will help them feel included in the process rather than just helping you do it.

Share Traditions 

Another great way to include your home health aide is just through casual conversation. Asking them what their own family traditions are, and sharing stories of how you each celebrate is a nice way to bond and include them in your holiday. You never know, you might even want to incorporate one of their traditions into your holiday! Another option is to start a new tradition with your home health aid, this could be as simple as baking holiday cookies together, having a Christmas movie marathon, or if you feel like getting out of the house you can go see a holiday lights display together. 

Eat Together 

While your home health aide might be there the day of the holiday, they probably aren’t expecting to eat your holiday meal with you. Extending the invitation to eat together is a generous and easy way to include them in your holiday. Rather than watching you eat, they can sit down and enjoy the meal with you. 

Thank you Card or Note 

This last option is very simple but really goes a long way in showing appreciation. Writing out a heartfelt thank you card for your home health aide will brighten their day, make them feel included, and also remind them why they choose to do this job. 

Home Health Aides with UMC HomeWorks

If you’re looking for a home health aide that is the right fit for your needs and lifestyle, UMC HomeWorks can help. Our home health aides are fully trained and truly enjoy their work. At UMC HomeWorks, we are proud to assist seniors to help make their retirement years safe, full, and happy at home.

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