Is it Time to Switch from Companion Care to Overnight In-Home Senior Care?

Female caregiver helping senior man get up from couch

When it comes to ensuring a great quality of life for your senior loved one, it’s important to know when it’s the right time to upgrade their senior home care services. By staying aware of their changing needs and your own role as a family caregiver, you can make sure that they’re getting the right level of support to live a full and independent life. Here is some advice from our home health aide services in New Jersey.

Four Signs That Your Loved One Can Benefit from Overnight Care

Companion care is a wonderful service for seniors who are generally in good health and need limited assistance in their daily lives. However, this level of care will become insufficient as they become older or their care needs change. You can stay aware of the following indicators that show it’s time for more intensive senior home care services:

  1. Changes in physical care needs – Mobility decreases with age and health complications, and if your loved one is struggling to get out of bed, manage their hygiene routine, or get to the bathroom, then they can benefit from having a care provider onsite through the night.
  2. Changes in healthcare needs – If your loved one has a serious medical condition it is important to keep an eye on their general health as the disease progresses. Whether your loved one has Alzheimer’s, dementia, cancer, multiple sclerosis or any other progressive chronic condition, they will get to a stage where they can benefit from overnight care. Having a caregiver onsite at night will ensure that they don’t wake up confused or disorientated, that they don’t take a bad fall in the night, that they are able to manage their daily hygiene properly, and that any change in their condition can be managed quickly by a trained professional.
  3. Increased concerns about nighttime safety – If your loved one is living alone at home, it’s natural to have concerns about their wellbeing through the night, especially if their home is not entirely fall-proof or they tend to suffer from muscle weakness and low blood pressure. If you notice your loved one is suffering more bruising or repeat accidents, it’s a good time to increase their level of caregiving support. Nighttime is a common time for falls to occur, and having someone onsite will not only help prevent these falls but also ensure a fast response if a fall or health concern occurs.
  4. Their care needs are increasing – If you are a family caregiver and are noticing that your loved one’s care needs are increasing significantly, an overnight caregiver can make this role significantly more manageable. This will allow you to keep up with your own obligations while still taking care of your loved one. As a family caregiver, it’s important not to put yourself at risk of burnout, and assistance from a trained, professional provider specializing in at home care for the elderly will give you essential support and peace of mind as your loved one’s needs change.

Professional Senior Home Care Services Tailored to Your Needs

 If you think your senior loved one’s care needs have changed, that their health is deteriorating or you are concerned for their wellbeing at night, then our home care services team is ready to provide you and your loved one with professional, high-quality assistance.

As a leading provider of home health aide services in New Jersey, we tailor our caregiving services to suit your loved one’s needs, whether they require respite care, nursing care, 24-hour care, assistance with their home and transport, or overnight care. As frontline workers, we take the COVID-19 crisis very seriously and have extensive protocols in place to ensure that seniors in our care get the services they rely on while keeping them protected from the coronavirus.

For more information on our overnight senior home care services, speak to our specialists on at home care for the elderly today.


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