How to Celebrate Thanksgiving at Home with Mom and Dad

It is time for Thanksgiving turkey!

Thanksgiving is one of the most important holidays of the year for families. It’s a time to gather and be thankful for the joy during the good times, as well as the support through the difficult times. Thanksgiving can also be a sentimental time for your senior parent who may have handled all the dinner preparations in the past. With that being said, it’s especially important to make sure mom and dad still feel very much a part of this holiday. If you’re wondering how best to do this, our in-home caregivers across New Jersey have put their heads together and compiled the best tips on how to celebrate Thanksgiving at home with senior parents

#1 – Decorating and crafting

If you love crafting and getting into the spirit of the holiday, decorating your home is the perfect chance to have some fun together as a family. There are so many craft projects that can be enjoyed at every age, from creating a bountiful fall centerpiece for your table to making your own garlands out of pinecones, making corn husk wreaths for the front door, and acorn napkin rings for the table. You can also incorporate a new sentimental tradition like a “thankful jar,” where each member of the family can write things they’re thankful for on scraps of paper and place them in the jar. Once everyone has added to the jar, let mom or dad be in charge of reading each sentiment aloud on the big day.

#2 – Enjoy the outdoors

It might be a little cold out there, but autumn is such a beautiful season for exploring the outdoors! Have the whole family bundle up to visit a nearby state park for a walk or a picnic under the fall foliage. It’s a great way to get some fresh air and exercise in before the cold weather really begins. You and your family may also be able to see the last of the migratory birds leaving for warmer climates!

#3 – Experiment with tasty fall treats

Fall is all about the harvest and there are some delicious recipes to try using local produce. Sampling baked goods is another fun way to spend time together as a family – especially if it’s cold out! Treat yourself and your senior parents to special fall foods like pumpkin pie, pumpkin cinnamon rolls, and apple strudel, and then enjoy a little hot apple cider or mulled wine around an open fire.

#4 – Family board game night

Does your family have a competitive side? Then, it’s time to bring out all the board games this Thanksgiving! Board games are such a big part of so many family traditions, and the ritual of playing together in person has a lot of meaning in this digital age. In addition to playing everyone’s favorites and the classics like Monopoly, 30 Seconds, and Scrabble, you can try new board games too. There are an amazing variety of games out there for all ages, from complex strategy-based games like Scythe to fun, comedy-packed games like Munchkin, Ticket to Ride, and Exploding Kittens.

#5 – Family movie night

Get into your pajamas, bring your coziest blankets into the lounge, and snuggle up together for a movie night after Thanksgiving dinner. You can draw random movie suggestions from each member of the family, or watch seasonal favorites like Jim Henson’s Turkey Hollow, Home for the Holidays, The Blind Side, Addams Family Values, or A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

NJ In-Home Care Over The Holidays 

At the end of the day, Thanksgiving is all about family, being grateful for what you have and bringing everyone together for a celebration. Whether you decide to revive old family traditions that were special to your senior loved one or to try something entirely new, the most important thing is to simply spend the time together.

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