How to Find a Home Health Aide You Can Trust

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Hiring caregivers from home health agencies can be a daunting task – after all, you’re putting the health, safety and happiness of your loved one into the hands of someone you don’t know. Fortunately, there are ways to find a senior home care services provider you can trust, and who will be a positive and helpful supporter of your loved one’s wellbeing and quality of life. Here are some tips from our HomeWorks senior home care services program in New Jersey.

  • Assess your loved one’s needs: Different home health aide agencies provide different services, so the best first step is to decide what your loved one really needs.  If he or she needs light assistance around the home, but may need more qualified assistance at a later stage, choose a provider that scales their services to meet the changing needs of their senior clients. If your loved one has dementia or Alzheimer’s, make sure that their caregivers are experienced in this area and offer specific services and support to ensure the best quality of life.
  • Agencies over individuals: Home health aide agencies are the easiest way to find reputable caregivers, as they will ensure their aides have the right skills to take care of your loved one. They will also have access to a wider range of qualified caregivers, which is important should your loved one’s care needs change or escalate over the years.
  • Reputation: Senior home care services that have been operating in your area for a long time have a reputation you can research to help you make this important decision. In addition to speaking to caregivers and staff, take the time to talk to the families of seniors who are using or have used their services to get a accurate idea of what they offer.
  • Experience and training: Caring for the elderly is not a straightforward job, it’s a vocation that requires training, compassion, patience and skills. Ask about the training and experience your loved one’s caregiver will have, especially if he or she needs specific medical, nursing or therapeutic assistance.

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United Methodist Communities has been assisting seniors in New Jersey for over 100 years. As part of our dedication to helping the elderly in our community to live full, independent lives, we’ve launched our HomeWorks program to provide expert, compassionate in-home care.

All of our caregivers are highly trained and certified to assist with all aspects of in-home care, from managing the household and meals, to professional nursing care. We are also fully able to assist residents with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

For more information on our home health aide services, please contact us today.

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