Advantages of In-Home Respite Care Services

Care Worker Helping Senior Man To Get Up

Being a caregiver is often as challenging as it is rewarding, but fortunately there are services designed to support you and your loved one if and when you require help. Whether you cannot care for your loved one 24-hours a day, he or she requires skilled nursing care after recovering from an illness or hospital stay, or you simply need some time to care for yourself, residential in home respite care services in NJ are here to provide support and peace-of-mind. Here are some insights into the many advantages of having access to these services:

  • You stay the primary caregiver: Understandably, being the primary caregiver to a family member is a privilege and responsibility that many people don’t want to give up – but this doesn’t mean that you can’t have the benefit of professional services. This allows you to focus on the areas of caregiving you enjoy the most, while allowing a professional service to step in occasionally and handle tasks that are too specialized or demanding.
  • Your health is important too: Being a caregiver is often stressful, especially if your loved one has significant health problems or you have a family and career of your own to juggle. Caregivers who try to take it all on often face burnout from anxiety, guilt and lack of sufficient rest. As a result, every area of your life suffers. Respite care allows you to step back, fully focus on each part of your life and recharge – making you a better caregiver and prioritizing your health and happiness.
  • The comfort of home: Many people choose to care for their loved ones in order to help them stay in the comfort of their own homes. In-home respite care services ensure that this need for security and familiarity to prolong the necessity of a higher care level in an assisted living facility. These caregiving services take into account all the needs of seniors at home, and can provide personal care services, medical assistance, housekeeping, meal preparation, companionship, and even caring for pets.
  • Peace-of-mind when medical needs escalate: If your loved one has a bad fall, needs special care while recovering from surgery or is suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s, respite caregivers can help you, either temporarily or permanently as medical and care needs change. This means that you have access to fully-trained medical professionals to ensure that your loved one gets the best possible care.

HomeWorks – Respite care services in the comfort of home

At United Methodist Communities in New Jersey, we understand the challenges of providing medical care and companionship to seniors while encouraging a full and independent life, which is why we’ve developed our HomeWorks program.

Through this program, trained and experienced staff assist seniors and their families through comprehensive in-home care. Each care plan is designed around the client’s exact needs, filling in with necessary assistance while allowing your loved one to remain in the comfort of their home.

In addition to support with daily tasks, transport and personal hygiene, our team is able to assist with nursing, medication management and much more. For dementia and Alzheimer’s patients, we can develop specific care routines that ensure a sense of structure and help reduce stress and anxiety.

For more information on our residential in-home respite care in NJ, please contact us today.

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