Is Memory Care at Home an Option?

If your loved one is in need of memory care, but they don’t want to, or need to leave home yet, memory care at home through UMC HomeWorks is a great option for you to consider. UMC HomeWorks provides specialized memory care at home tailored to the individual’s current needs and modifies care as their needs may change. 

What is memory care at home?

At home care allows seniors to stay in the comfort of their own home and communities, which can be beneficial to their mental and physical wellbeing. Professional services are provided to ensure that they receive expert care from trained caregivers, who are knowledgeable in handling day to day care as well as managing cognitive conditions with compassion and patience. 

Memory care is a specialized form of caregiving specifically designed for seniors with cognitive challenges, whether they have age-related memory loss, or are in any stage of dementia conditions like Alzheimer’s. For seniors with memory issues, this type of caregiving plays a very important role in their wellbeing, creating a stable routine and managing the symptoms of their condition as it progresses. With at-home memory care, you know that there is always a capable and compassionate person on hand to monitor their health, manage the challenges of their condition or any other health issues, and keep them safe. 

Memory care also goes a step further by using a customized program to support cognitive health, providing mental and physical stimulation that enriches their day and attempts to slow the progression of memory loss.

How do I know if my loved one needs at home memory care?

If you are trying to decide if your parent needs specialized memory care or if they just need general assistance from an at home care provider, here are some important questions to ask yourself to make an informed decision.

  • Is their behavior changing?

Cognitive challenges often come with dramatic changes in behavior and mood. They might suddenly become scared of going out the house or resistant to social occasions they used to enjoy. They may stop grooming and bathing. They may also start showing symptoms of increased anxiety and agitation, or even anger.

  • Are they behaving in a confused or disoriented manner?

Another important sign that at home memory care is needed is if your loved one is increasingly experiencing confusion or disorientation. They may wander out of the house and find it difficult to get back or get lost. They may leave food on the stove until it gets burned, leave doors and windows wide open at night or when they go out, or forget who people are.

  • Is their physical health in decline?

Look for signs that your parent is neglecting themselves, their partner, or their home. They may suddenly become frailer or lose weight because they aren’t eating properly or getting groceries. They could be forgetting to take their medications or taking them too often. You may see more wounds and bruises from accidents or problems with existing medical conditions that used to be under control.

  • Can they follow a basic cognitive test?

Their doctor should be able to perform a basic cognitive test on your loved one to gauge their condition and assess if memory care should be introduced. This will usually involve repeating a set of words, spelling simple words, adding, and subtracting through simple math problems, basic reading, and naming of common objects. The doctor can help you make an informed choice about care requirements based on your loved one’s ability

UMC HomeWorks memory care at home

UMC HomeWorks is a leading senior care program specializing in at home care for older adults in New Jersey. In addition to assisting with daily tasks, errands and light housekeeping, our home health aide services team is also qualified to provide specialized  assistance and skilled nursing care, including at home memory care for seniors with cognitive health challenges like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

If you would like to access our respite care services or find out more about full-time memory care at home, contact us today and let one of the leading home health aide services in New Jersey deliver the exceptional care and companionship that your loved one deserves. You can also visit our website at

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