The Value of In-Home Spiritual and Emotional Support


For many senior home healthcare providers, the focus of their services is medical care and physical assistance. While these are important offerings, specialists have become increasingly aware of the health and quality of life benefits that come from combining this high-quality care with compassionate companionship and pastoral care.

Health benefits of a holistic approach to wellness

Spiritual and emotional support in the form of companionship and pastoral care serve to balance the technological and scientific breakthroughs that benefit the physical health of seniors. This holistic approach assists and supports your loved ones in every facet of their lives, bringing significant benefits that include:

  • Developing and maintaining helpful coping mechanisms to deal with the aging process, frailty, illness, and the loss of loved ones.
  • Developing a sense of peace and acceptance of mortality that relieves anxiety and helps focus on enjoying what life has to offer.
  • Strengthening social and community relationships that help combat loneliness, depression and stress. These bonds also help keep seniors motivated and active, and bounce back from illness or injury more rapidly.
  • Providing a confidant outside of the family or social circles who can offer counselling, listen to fears and worries without judgement or personal involvement as an impartial support mechanism.
  • Helping to develop and foster a sense of purpose and belonging, enriching relationships, building positive social behaviors and contributing towards happiness.
  • An increased ability to manage the psychological effects of loss, illness, disability or health issues effectively.

Skilled medical support, physical assistance and pastoral senior home care services in New Jersey

At United Methodist Communities, we strive to offer the very best quality holistic at home care for older adults, from assisted living to in-home care through our HomeWorks program. This program is about assisting the elderly in the comfort of their own homes and providing them, their families and caregivers with personalized, compassionate care that prioritizes health, happiness and independence. In addition to daily homecare we also offer pastoral care for spiritual and emotional support in the home.

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