Tips for Keeping Aging Parents Living at Home

Home nurse helping senior woman at home using walker

Do you want your parents to keep living at home but still support them through the challenges of aging? It’s a wonderful gift to give your parents, but it does need a little figuring out! We have some great, practical tips to help keep your aging parents at home, figure out how much help they need, and determine how much help you can provide. 

#1 – Figure out how much help your parents need

The best starting point is knowing what support your parents need. Make a list of all the daily, monthly, and special tasks they’ll need help with, and make a note of what time of day the help is needed. Also take notes while you assist them, and try to keep your note-taking process going for at least one-month so you don’t leave anything out.

#2 – Consider the type of care needs they have

Now that you’ve got a list of the help they typically require, break it down into categories to see if you or other family members can fill in. For example, if they need someone to fetch groceries, then you could set them up with home delivery options. If they need help with home and yard maintenance, then you might need to hire a trusted handyman and gardening services.  If they need nursing care or medication management, then you might need a qualified person to help you out while you take care of non-specialist tasks.

#3 – Think about future care needs

Aging can come with additional health problems, and while we can’t see the future, it is important to consider future care needs.If your mother is currently in early stages of dementia, for example, you may be able to handle her care – but you also need to plan for when her care needs become much more intensive. You could consider getting specialized home health aides through the experts at UMC Homeworks. Regardless of your parents condition it can be reassuring to everyone involved when a plan is set into place. Knowing your next move can help you and your loved one relax and enjoy the present moment. 

#4 – Be realistic about how much care you can provide

Many family caregivers take on the role and quickly become burned out because it is a much heavier task than they expected. This is perfectly natural because we want to care for our parents the way they cared for us, and it feels a bit like cheating if you get help! However, to be the best caregiver you can be, you need to manage your own health and life at the same time…and that often means getting help. “Help” could mean professional care for tasks that are outside your skillset or physical ability (for example, nursing care or bathing tasks), respite care for when you need a getaway, or daily help and company for your loved one while you’re working. Sharing responsibility is essential when you want to keep your parents at home and have quality family life.

#5 – Ease the financial pressure

Senior care does carry a financial burden – whether you are keeping your parents’ home because it is more affordable than assisted living or reducing your work hours to care for them – and it’s important to address that. Easing your financial pressure can include drawing up a budget to share costs with other family members, finding government and private programs to assist with costs, considering to see if you qualify for Medicaid, or looking at alternatives to assisted living like home health aide services.

Make living at home easier with home health aide services in New Jersey

Hiring hourly services from a home health aide provider is a great middle-ground for providing essential assistance for independent seniors who want to stay at home and not move into assisted living. These services, provided by United Methodist Communities’ HomeWorks program, deliver the additional assistance for family caregivers, keeping your parents healthy and leading a fulfilling life in the comfort of their own home and community. 

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