The Aging Continuum

Aging In Place

Every older adult prefers aging in place, otherwise known as growing older at home. Who wouldn’t? You sleep in your own bed, your home holds lots of memories, and you know the way to the bathroom without the guidance of a night light. We gain lots of life experience as we grow older, but there are also some less favorable things we may gain, like chronic conditions and mobility issues.

At United Methodist Communities (UMC) HomeWorks, we understand the aging journey. UMC has been marching along the aging continuum with New Jersey seniors for more than 100 years, after all. Let’s see what the steps on the aging continuum might look like for you.       

Aging In Place With Family Assistance   

Staying at home as you grow older is the happiest place for most seniors.It is more comfortable because everything around you looks and smells familiar. You can do carpentry in your garage workshop or watch your favorite birds splashing in the birdbath out your kitchen window. People know where to send Christmas cards and at which address they can find you for a visit. There is also the joy of seeing your loved ones regularly when they drop meals off, or when the grandkids stay over for a few hours after school.       

Staying Independent With A Home Health Aide

There comes a time in most senior adults’ lives when you start losing some confidence. You still live at home but are no longer comfortable driving to medical appointments or buying groceries. Nobody likes eating alone, so opening a can of soup becomes standard. Then you realize you forgot to take your morning pills, but you don’t want to worry the children. The best way to stay independent at home is with a Home Health Aide. UMC HomeWorks offers home care services for seniors in need of non-medical assistance in their homes, with the assistance of state-certified home health aides (CHHAs).

Embracing Independent Living In A Community

Do you love living in your own home, but the garden suddenly feels too large to manage on your own?  You’re mindful of the continuous maintenance your house requires, but perhaps you feel too unsteady to use the ladder? Do the kids look bored when you talk about your younger days, and you miss having people your own age to talk with? If the answer is yes to all of the above, there  is no time like the present to join a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), where you can continue to live an independent lifestyle surrounded by other seniors with access to social activities and group events. CCRCs provide a continuum of independent living apartments through assisted living and skilled nursing, so residents don’t need to move to another community as their needs change.

Assisted Living In A Community

Would you feel safer staying in a community with medical care available to manage your chronic illness? Consider joining an assisted living community such as those offered by United Methodist Communities. You live in a private residential setting that provides assistance with daily living activities such as grooming and dressing, and receive the medical care you need. If you don’t want to cook for yourself, you can eat prepared meals with others in a community dining room. Assisted living includes apartment maintenance, housekeeping services, and transportation to nearby hot spots. In assisted living, there are tons of opportunities to participate in activities and socialize with your peers.

Can UMC Provide The Complete Continuum Of Care In New Jersey?  

Did you know United Methodist Communities can provide the complete continuum of care? UMC HomeWorks offers in-home care help with the assistance of compassionate and trained home health aides and caregivers. At UMC’s full-service communities, we provide Independent Living (CCRC) and Assisted Living services, as well as Tapestries Memory Care for older adults requiring Alzheimer’s or dementia care.

Do you want live-in care for your loved one in New Jersey? At United Methodist Communities HomeWorks, we follow a simple process to get you the help you need, as we understand the importance of aging in place. Call one of our team members today or visit us at:

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