Spiritual Support and Companionship as Part of Home Healthcare


The best home healthcare agencies prioritize companionship alongside medical assistance and daily care. This may include the offer of pastoral care and spiritual support for seniors who would like to receive it as part of their overall healthcare support. Here’s some insight into what pastoral care is all about, from our home healthcare agency in New Jersey.

What is pastoral care?

This form of care focuses on spiritual and emotional support, helping individuals cope during challenging times. While families and friends can be a great source of love and support, the objective view of a compassionate outsider can be invaluable when trying to cope with a wide range of difficulties. Pastoral care’s religious and spiritual nature is formed on mutual values and respect.

What is the purpose of a pastoral caregiver?

Seniors face unique challenges from loneliness and loss of independence to illness and the passing of loved ones. Pastoral care focuses on caring for seniors through these times, offering counseling and someone to talk to and pray with. Rooted in the community itself, pastoral care presents a good opportunity for seniors to not only get the spiritual support they need, but also connect with the community-at-large.

The role of pastoral care and well-being

Senior healthcare specialists have long been aware that mental and emotional well-being  significantly impacts the quality-of-life and physical wellness of all individuals. The role of pastoral care in providing spiritual and emotional support means delivering holistic, individualized care that complements medical intervention for the best possible quality-of-life. It is open to all HomeWorks’  clients, whatever their religious, church or faith community background.

Expert medical and pastoral care for seniors in New Jersey

United Methodist Communities strives to offer the very best quality senior care options, from assisted living to in-home senior care services through HomeWorks. This program assists the elderly in the comfort of their own homes, providing them, their families and caregivers personalized, compassionate care that prioritizes health, happiness and independence. In addition to medical oversight and daily home care, we also offer in-home pastoral care for spiritual and emotional support.

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