How UMC HomeWorks Helps Adult Children Take a Vacation!

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Finding someone to take care of your parents while you are away can be a challenge. Leaving mom home may only require a simple, periodic check-in, or she may need more comprehensive daily assistance including shopping, food prep, cleaning, bathing, and taking medicine. UMC HomeWorks can help with all of those needs through our Respite Services, so you can take the vacation you need with the peace of mind you deserve.

Why your vacations matter

Vacations are not an indulgence or something to feel guilty about, especially if you are a family caregiver. They’re an important part of maintaining a healthy life, renewing connections with friends and family, relieving stress, and being able to enjoy an essential quality of life. Whether you are going on a vacation with your kids, taking a break for a friend’s birthday, or getting some essential self-care time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, vacations help renew the body, mind, and soul, ultimately helping you to become a better caregiver by avoiding burnout.

Of course, to enjoy your break to the fullest, you need to know that your loved one is in capable, compassionate hands. That way, you won’t spend your vacation worrying about mom and dad!

Qualities to look for in your home care provider

In-home caregivers are more than assistants who help with daily life. They need to be able to form a good bond with your loved one, to be able to communicate well with them and encourage them, and to become a welcomed member of the household. Good qualities to look for in a home care provider or respite caregiver include:

Training and experience – The right work experience and qualifications are critical for this caregiving role, and it’s best to ask a reputable agency that performs background checks on their staff to provide caregivers who have similar experience to what your mom or dad would need. They should be able to accommodate you whether your parent needs medication management, nursing, palliative, or therapeutic care, as well as if they just need general assistance with daily life.

Compassion – A strong sense of empathy is what every caregiver needs, helping you to better understand what a client needs, how they are feeling, and how to make them feel better. The ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes is one of the most important qualities of a great caregiver. 

Patience – A good caregiver can exercise patience and understanding with their clients, giving them the ability to adapt when difficult situations arise and where plans don’t work out the way they should. They can take charge of a situation using a sense of responsibility towards those in their care, relying on their skills and training, and putting the needs of their client first.

Reliable – Trustworthiness is a quality that can’t be underestimated, and you should feel that you can trust your caregiver with the needs of your parents. Your parent should also feel like they can trust their respite caregiver, that they know the personal is reliable, professional, and highly ethical.

Communicative – Your caregiver should have good communication skills and clearly understand how to communicate best with their client, with you, and with any medical professionals. They should also have a clear strategy of who they need to contact under different circumstances, how to keep you informed, and what to do if there are any changes in your parent’s wellbeing.

Professional, vetted respite care services in New Jersey

The good news is that UMC HomeWorks can provide you with a candidate that meets all these requirements – and more! Our respite care services allow family caregivers to take vacations with full peace of mind, knowing that your senior loved one is in the best hands. Our services are fully scalable, assisting you for a few hours up to several weeks of care and tailored to the needs of your parent. We can assist with nursing, daily assistance, transportation, companionship, pastoral care and much more – all you need to do is ask or visit our website at:

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