Home Health Aide Services Help Keep Veterans Independent and Healthy

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This Veterans Day, we’re not only celebrating veterans and their sacrifices and services, but also celebrating home health aide services to help veterans stay healthy and independent! Independence is a vital part of enjoying a great quality of life and, even for seniors who require support, a good deal of independence can still be maintained by tailoring support to their exact needs.

Why Does Independence Matter?

Senior veterans have spent the majority of their lives living independently – being active, working, serving their country, raising families, and making their own decisions. When health conditions, disability or the natural aging process make simple activities like walking, enjoying hobbies, or socializing difficult, people feel isolated, lonely and lose their sense of self-worth.

Ensuring a person has as much independence as possible through tailored services keeps them feeling in control of their lives, upholds their sense of personal identity, and self-confidence, helps maintain physical strength, conveys a sense of purpose, and even supports memory skills.

4 Ways Family Caregivers and Senior Home Care Services Can Support Independence

With a little creativity and careful consideration, caregivers can support a loved one’s independence by:

  • Buy or Make Adaptive Clothing – Dexterity is something that many seniors lose as they get older. This makes buttons, laces, and zippers difficult to operate. Swap out this clothing or have it tailored to include more senior-friendly fasteners like elastic waistbands, slip-on or Velcro shoes, and Velcro-fastened shirts for easy dressing. Several brands offer this type of clothing, including MagnaReady, Target, Silvert’s, and Zappos Adaptive.
  • Invest in Voice-Activated Tech – Voice-activated home devices from Amazon and Google are great resources for seniors, as they don’t require fine motor skills or mobility. All you have to do is ask, and they’ll play music, lock/unlock doors, control the thermostat, take over the TV, inform you of the weather, and even make phone calls. This could be a great Christmas present or birthday gift!
  • Make the House Senior-Friendly – There are easy home improvements that can make a big difference regarding safety and mobility. Some good ideas include installing grab-bars in the bathroom, an elevated toilet seat, eye-level storage (no need for stretching or step ladders), clearing out clutter, replacing outdoor steps with ramps, improving lighting and installing night lights, and removing tripping hazards like loose rugs.
  • Explore Local Hobbies – Seniors can often find themselves housebound and feeling purposeless, especially if they can no longer participate in their favorite hobbies. There are, however, so many new programs for seniors these days. Take time to explore different events in your area, such as bird watching and nature walks, outings to museums and exhibitions, exercise classes (yoga, aquarobics, and dance classes), and more. There are activities for all interests and all levels of mobility.

Aging in Place – Qualified Home Health Aide Services in New Jersey Promoting Senior Independence

At United Methodist Communities, we strive to offer high-quality home health aide services in New Jersey through HomeWorks. By putting our clients’ quality of life first, we’ve become one of the leading home health aide agencies in the state. This program is about assisting the elderly in the comfort of their own homes and providing them, their families, and caregivers with personalized, compassionate care that prioritizes health, happiness, and independence.

For more information on our at-home health care agency or to find a qualified home health aide in New Jersey, please contact us today or visit our website at https://umcommunities.org/homeworks/elderly-home-health-care-nj/.

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