Holiday Dessert No Baking Required!

What’s better than a holiday dessert you ask? A holiday dessert that doesn’t require baking! This is the perfect option for seniors and children alike but really for anyone who doesn’t want to turn on the oven! Cooking and baking for the holiday is a lot of work, and in most cases it’s rough on your oven. Often you are playing tetris with your dishes and there isn’t any space for another thing! That’s where these no-bake desserts really come in to save the day. And, a a bonus,  you can make them the day before to make the holiday a little easier on yourself.

Milk ’n’ Cookies Icebox Cake 

This is our favorite no bake dessert, it is a sophisticated twist on the classic and adored milk and cookies. This show stopping dessert is only four ingredients, you’ll need:

2 packets of chocolate chip cookies

3 cups of heavy cream

1 block of cream cheese, softened

2 tbsp. of powdered sugar. 

Step 1: In a large sealable bag crush 15 chocolate chip cookies with a rolling pin. Transfer most of the cookies to a large liquid measuring cup and put the rest aside to decorate at the end. Add 3 cups heavy cream to the measuring cup and refrigerate for 10 minutes. 

Step 2: In a large mixing bowl add cream cheese and beat with an electric mixer for 1 minute. And 2 tbsp of sugar and beat until smooth. Then add cookie infused cream and beat until soft peaks form. 

Step 4: get your cake plate and spread a thin layer of whipped cream in a circle on the plate. Arrange 8 cookies side by side in the circle working from the inside out placing three cookies in the center. Spread a generous layer of whipped cream on top and add another layer of cookies. *make sure to alternate the cookies so they overlap each other. Repeat until you have six layers ending with whipped cream on the top. 

Step 5: Top with crushed cookies, then loosely wrap cake with plastic wrap and transfer to the fridge to chill(about 6 hours)

Ready, Set, Serve!

Once the cake has set for at least 6 hours, remove plastic wrap and it is ready to serve. Although we recommend keeping the cake in the fridge until you’re ready to eat. This will ensure optimal freshness! We Wish You a Happy And Healthy Holiday From Everyone at UMC HomeWorks.

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