How to Help Seniors Manage Prescriptions at Home

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Organizing and overseeing of an elderly parent or relative’s medicines can be a challenging task for caregivers. It is essential for their health that they take the appropriate prescription at the appropriate time, but managing several drugs and dosages can soon seem like a full-time job with potentially serious consequences. To help you better manage prescriptions, follow these medication safety tips for seniors living at home.

Make An Inventory List

Maintaining an accurate inventory of all the prescriptions your loved one is taking is one of the most crucial things you can do to manage their medication. The name of the drug, the dosage, and the frequency of use should all be on this list. Every time a doctor alters the dose or drug, be careful to update this list. This list will also be accessible to everyone engaged in their care if it is kept in a visible location, such as the refrigerator or close to their medications.

Get a Pill Organizer

Using pill organizers is a further medication safety recommendation. These can assist you in remembering which medication needs to be taken when. To remind you to take your prescription, some pill organizers even have alarms. To stay organized, you might use apps for medication management or set reminders on your phone or Amazon Echo device.

Follow Storage Recommendations

Proper medicine storage is also essential. Medication must be kept out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry location away from children and pets. Make sure to abide by the pharmacist’s storage recommendations as some medications need to be refrigerated. 

How Home Care Can Help

Consider hiring a licensed home care organization to help with medication management if your loved one has trouble remembering to take their prescription. In New Jersey, UMC Homeworks provides a variety of alternative home care options with companions and  certified home health aides. We offer a wide range of care options and take extra effort to screen, select, and educate our carers to deliver the finest care possible. We are here to give respite care because we recognize how taxing caring can be and to allow you to take a break and take that much-needed vacation.

The clients’ physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing is our first priority at UMC Homeworks. As such, we provide pastoral care and counseling to senior citizens of all faiths. We maintain a pricing structure that is among the most competitive for professional in-home care organizations in New Jersey because we firmly believe in making a difference in the lives of seniors in any manner we can.For example, if you require more assistance, UMC Homeworks can provide a variety of in-home care options, such as live-in care, telehealth, home respite care, home health aides, chronic disease management, and pastoral care services

To find out more about how we can assist you and a loved one, contact us today!

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