5 Tips for Making Festive Family Gatherings Comfortable for Elderly Loved Ones

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Hosting a family gathering is one of the best parts of the festive season and it’s a wonderful opportunity to get everyone together, young and old. When you’re hosting a family event and you’re inviting an elderly loved one, there are a few things you can do to make them feel extra welcome and comfortable.

Here are some tips from our senior home care services team:

  1. Check your home for tripping hazards. Falls are the number one risk to senior health, so it’s important to take a look around your home and minimize any fall risks before their visit. This includes making sure that area rugs are taped down and have non-slip backing (or are removed).
    Allow for uncluttered floor space with wide pathways for traffic. Rearrange furniture to make movement easy (especially for walkers and walking sticks). This doesn’t have to apply to your whole home, just the entertainment area and bathroom.
  2. Make them part of the preparation. Simple tasks will keep your loved one engaged and part of the activities, so set aside some tasks that they may enjoy — it’s also nice to feel useful and wanted! Folding napkins, rolling dough, arranging flowers or placing centerpieces are all fun and safe.
  3. Include some favorites. Does your loved one have a favorite festive activity, love a certain Christmas album or holiday food? Including it in your family event is a great way to show them that you care and have considered them on this special day.
  4. Keep noise reasonable. While noise is a part of any family event, it can be difficult for seniors with hearing problems or dementia to fully enjoy the festivities. You can be merry, but remember to keep music volume down low and sit your loved one away from speakers and close to people they like to talk to.
  5. Take time over arrangements. When planning your event, talk to your loved one about who will be there and what you have planned, so that they can prepare themselves. Help them to select a comfortable holiday-appropriate outfit.
    Ensure that someone arrives early to pick them up from their home, and make sure there is safe transport back home or an established plan to stay overnight. Older adults take a little more time to process plans, so the more time to prepare, the better!

Senior Homecare Services – Companionship, Quality of Life and Independent Life Through Home Health Aide Services in New Jersey 

At United Methodist Communities in New Jersey, we understand the challenges of providing expert medical care and companionship to seniors while encouraging a full and independent life, which is why we’ve developed HomeWorks.

Through this program, trained and highly experienced staff can assist seniors and their families through comprehensive at homecare for the elderly. Each care plan is customized around the client’s exact needs, filling in with necessary assistance while allowing your loved one to remain in the comfort of their home.

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