5 Examples of When Respite Care is a Must-Have for Seniors

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Family caregiving is a common role in the USA, with the AARP reporting that around 34.2 million adults around the country provide unpaid care to a loved one over 50. While many family caregivers find a lot of meaning and joy in doing so, there are some occasions when it makes sense to handover caregiving to professional home health aide services temporarily. Here are some examples, from our in-home respite care services team in NJ:

Recovery After Illness or Hospitalization – After an illness, operation or hospitalization, a senior will require a more expert level of care than what a family caregiver may feel equipped to offer. In these cases, home health aide services can offer a skilled nurse for this care, helping your loved one to heal faster, preventing complications, and giving peace of mind.

Medical Conditions – A diagnosis of one or more serious and long-term health conditions can mean a lot for a caregiver to cope with – emotionally and in terms of the advanced care demands. Respite caregivers often specialize in specific care for clients with serious medical conditions (including Alzheimer’s and dementia), and can lend essential assistance to family caregivers as they adjust to new care requirements.

Travel – Family caregivers need space to rest and recharge. If you’re planning a vacation with family or friends, a respite caregiver can step in and support your loved one while you’re away. These trained professionals can handle it all, from nursing and assistance with daily activities to appointments and companionship, so you’ll know your loved one is in the best possible hands.

Scheduling Conflicts – Being a family caregiver is not your only role – you have a life, career, and family of your own to care for too. Respite caregivers can step in whether you have a scheduling conflict, an important meeting with a client, a child’s sports game, or anything else. These services can be scheduled as and when you need them, whether it’s a set few hours each week or to cover last-minute conflicts.

Rest, Recharge and Refresh – No matter how much you love someone, caregiving is a lot of work – especially when you have other roles to fulfill in your life! Respite caregivers are there to give you that all-important break so that you can come back feeling refreshed and re-energized. You can book these services for a few hours while you do anything you want, such as catching a movie, enjoying a date night, or getting a massage.

Talk to Our Team About Professional In-Home Respite Care in NJ

Whether you need residential in-home respite care in NJ or someone qualified and experienced to assist your loved one on a more permanent basis, we are here to help through our HomeWorks program. Our staff is fully certified in New Jersey and have extensive senior care training and experience. So, please feel free to ask for formal certification and references as well as information on home care costs.

For more information on our home health aide services in NJ, please contact us today or visit our website at: https://umcommunities.org/homeworks/home-health-aide-services/ 


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