5 Easy Eye Exercises for Supporting Senior Eyesight

Doctor checking patient's ocular health

March is Save Your Vision Month. It is a month dedicated to raising awareness around all the things you can do to help protect your vision and slowing age-related vision loss. Here are five easy exercises for eye health recommended by our at-home care agency in NJ:

1. Blinking 

Slowly, deliberately close both your eyes for a few moments and then repeat 15 times. This helps to lubricate the surface of the eye as well as strengthen and release tension in your eye muscles. It’s an especially important exercise if you spend a lot of time in front of a computer, reading, watching TV or doing close-up work like needlework.

2. Tracing 

Choose any object within your field of vision and focus on it, tracing its outline with your eyes. This is a great exercise for strengthening eye muscles. It can be repeated a few times every day.

3. Tracking Near and Far 

Stretch one arm out directly in front of you and make the thumbs-up sign with your hand. Focus on your thumb as you bring it slowly and steadily toward your face, stopping about three inches away. Staying focused, reverse your action and move your hand slowly out toward the starting position.

4. Tracking Side to Side 

To support your peripheral vision, take a pen or small object in one of your hands and hold it about 18 inches away from your face at eye level. Slowly move it from right to left and back again, tracking it with your eyes without moving your head.

5. Near and Far Focusing

Your eyes need to be able to adjust quickly from focusing on a near object to one further away; for example, from reading a book to looking at a tree out in the yard. You can strengthen these muscles by actively focusing on an object about a foot away from your face, then looking up to focus on an object 30 feet away. This is a very important exercise if you do a lot of close-up work, as it also helps relieve eye strain.

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