4 Top Tech Innovations for Senior In-Home Living


Technology is constantly transforming the way we live our lives, and seniors are no exception! There’s some wonderful technological innovations that can help seniors keep their independence while getting a helping hand, as well as help caregivers stay on top of their needs. Here are some examples that are changing senior lives for the better, from our at home health care agency in New Jersey:

  1. Family members of elderly loved ones often express concern about whether their loved ones are coping at home, especially as they become frailer or face medical challenges. These sources of stress for loved ones can mean you end up calling multiple times a day… and still worrying if your mom or dad has taken their medication.
    Lively is a system that uses unobtrusive sensors that you can place in a refrigerator, medication box, front door, key chains and other important spots, that then track activity via a private account on a website. You can check in however many times you want to see that their activity is normal – and the company can even alert you if something out-of-the-ordinary happens.
  2. Anyone who’s ever cared for a senior knows that the medications pile up quickly, and how easy it is for a senior to forget to take a pill, take too many, or take them at the wrong time. MedMinder is a digital pill dispenser that you or a caregiver can load up, that then dispenses medication according to a schedule that you can set. It can remind your loved one when pills are ready to be taken, and if he or she fails to take them, you or an emergency contact will be alerted.
  3. Amazon Alexa. While not specifically for seniors, the features it offers can be a big help around the house. Voice activated and easy to use, your loved one can ask Alexa for the news, to play any type of music, tell you the weather, or even order groceries to your front door. Alexa can also help find a lost smartphone, or even make a phone call from your smartphone, if for example you have fallen or need help.
  4. Fitness trackers. Wearable fitness trackers are great for seniors who want to keep an eye on their physical activity and stay healthy. There are many different types of devices, and many are easy to wear and operate. Most have basic features like tracking your steps per day, and others have more advanced features like GPS tracking, heart rate tracking and custom features for different activities.

Compassionate, Qualified Caregivers from Our At Home Health Care Agency

Whether you need a permanent in-home senior care specialist or need someone qualified and experienced to assist your loved one with respite care, we are here to help through our HomeWorks program. Our staff are fully certified in New Jersey and have extensive training and experience in at home care for elderly, including assisting individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia, so please feel free to ask for formal certification and references.

For more information on our home health services in New Jersey, please contact us today or visit our website at https://umcommunities.org/homeworks/elderly-home-health-care-nj/

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