4 Reasons Your Loved One Might Benefit from Home Health Care

Her reliable support is all he needs

Deciding if your senior loved one needs care and what type of assistance they need can be  nerve-wracking choices if you’re not sure where to start. Especially if your senior parent is adamant about remaining in their home! If you are considering senior home care in NJ, here are some of the great features of home health aide services that will help you make a more  informed choice. 

#1 – Assistance with personal care 

One of the first major signs that an elderly person isn’t coping on their own is neglect of their personal hygiene and appearance. Bathing, brushing your teeth, styling your hair, and toileting all require a degree of physical strength, dexterity, and self-awareness – all of which we can lose as we age or become impaired by health conditions. 

This could be something as simple as painful arthritis making it difficult to clean their teeth or brush their hair, or early-onset dementia that makes them forgetful about their personal hygiene. Whatever the case, a home health aide can provide compassionate assistance in their home with bathing and grooming.

#2 – Light housekeeping services

As anyone who cleans their home knows, keeping things neat, tidy, and hygienic is no easy task – even when you have the best equipment. If your parents usually have a clean home but it’s starting to get messy or dirty inside (lots of unwashed dishes, unwashed clothing, clutter, etc.), then they can benefit from having a part-time or live-in caregiver. 

Home health aides can do all kinds of light housekeeping tasks to keep your loved one’s home clean and safe, removing fall hazards and ensuring that they can cope without moving into assisted living.

#3 – Nursing, wound dressing and post-hospitalization care

As we get older, we’re more likely to develop chronic health conditions and have bad falls. At the same time, we also heal much slower and find it difficult to regain fitness and strength. If your loved one has had a bad fall (or is scared of falling), needs care after an illness, or is recovering after hospitalization, they need the specific, full-time care that a home health aide can provide. 

Qualified caregivers are experienced at this type of nursing care and can work any time of day or night, making a move into assisted living unnecessary.

#4 – Improved socialization and independence

One of the reasons that many seniors don’t want to move from their home is because friends and family are near and because they are a strong part of their community. This social aspect is incredibly important for senior health, helping to fight depression and isolation. However, if your loved one is finding it difficult to leave their home or has stopped going to regular events, they may need a little extra assistance to stay active and thriving in their community. 

Home health aides can provide daily companionship, as well as drive seniors to and from various engagements. They can also assist with physical fitness and help seniors regain or maintain their fitness to improve their independence.

At home care for the elderly is a great middle-ground between independent seniors who want to stay at home and a move into assisted living. These services, provided by United Methodist Communities HomeWorks, deliver the additional assistance seniors need to stay healthy and lead a fulfilling life in the comfort of their own home and community. 

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